The Perfect Fitness Brand in The Contemporary Fashion Industry: SQUAT WOLF - gear, fitness, fashion, Contemporary Fashion, clothes

The contemporary fashion industry has found a perfect spot for fashion fitness; the merge gives some of the mostexquisite fitness men’s and womenswear. Fitness fashion attires are the new trend in the luxury market where gym lovers can balance physical fitness and exclusive sportswear fashion. However, finding the best fitness apparel is quite challenging; many athletes have to compromise and wear unfit attires, thus giving awful results. Athletes sometimes order from fashion brands only to receive the wrong sizes costing them the shipping fee and return fee. However, a new prestigious, and exclusive fashion brand has it all, SQUAT WOLF. The brand training gears are uniquely helmed to fit the fitness industry, giving an appealing look and vigour to workout with more energy.


SQUAT WOLF is the opulent fashion brands and first in the contemporary fashion industry to produce sophisticated activewear in the Middle East. The luxury brand ranks among the top growing fitness and activewear brand in Dubai to go beyond the Dubai and Middle East realms. The company has greater plans for the Europe and USA fashion market producing more exquisite sportswear. SQUAT WOLF gives an identity to many sports enthusiasts and gym lovers who can train without training gears. Today, men have the freedom to work out and keep fit without minding the sports gear. The brand has mens gym wear that is perfectly designed to take any pressure. For women, they can keep the looks and keep fit using the workout clothes women training gears.

SQUAT WOLF history

The brand’s five years of existence have stirred up the fashion market with a storm. Based in Dubai, SQUAT WOLF has ventured into the UAE luxury market-beating renowned and older fashion brands. The company has the favour and is the best gym wear and activewear brand in UAE. AmazinglySQUAT WOLF is the top demand in the European markets having KSA, UK, the US also following suit and ordering for these best looking and fit activewear.

The journey to success

Born out of the founder’s sportswear problems, the SQUAT WOLF brand is the answer for many sportspeople. Wajdan Gul is the co-founder of thiselegant and fashionable brand; the thought only came after he struggled to find the best and fit activewear for his daily gym activities. The problem led to the brilliant idea of creating a solution that has solved his issue and the whole sports industry’s issues.

Wajdan wanted fitness wear, which could withstand the pressure, look stylish and appealing during gym sessions. Besides looking fashionable, Waj Gul, a gym addict, felt the gap in the fashion market as many brands concentrated on other apparel such as formal and casual wear but didn’t focus on sports or gym. SQUAT WOLF was born to fill the gap and help athletes and gym lovers feel comfortable giving them an identity. The founder’s wife greatly helped in realizing this dream.

In a report, Wajdan stated his struggles of ordering gym gear from international brands but received the wrong gear either by size or not fit for a workout. The tiring trends of shipping back, paying more for the shipping, and long periods of waiting for the product. However, after these struggles, Waj thought of approaching fashion brands to open a branch in the Middle East. The thought was short-lived as all brands failed to respond or just rejected the offer. In February 2016, Wajdan Gul’s wife came up with another brilliant idea of starting theirbrand. A dream that seemed vivid at first until the first six pieceswere createdand on the pre-order phase sold two pieces this being the door openers for the SQUAT WOLF brand in the fashion market. Today, the brand has changed the view of activewear in the fashion industry, having orders from around the world. The company has plans to venture into other big markets in Europe and the USA.

SQUAT WOLF activewear products.

Unique brands have high-quality products that take time to perfect, ensuring they produce the best. SQUAT WOLF works with professional and gym athletes who help make and offer positive suggestions on areas to improve. They create different sizes, textures, and quality attires to fit right, branding it as “true athletic fit.” The brand started with men’s products and later ventured to create women’s sportswear with unmatched quality and elegance.

Men Gym wear

The brand has the best jogger pants, muscle tee, shorts, gym T-shirt, and leggings to help you work out and feel flexible in every attire. The products can withstand intensive gym activities, thus gaining the name SQUAT WOLF from the rigorous squats and working like the mighty wolf. It is designed with quality fabric that dries fast and keeps off odor to help you feel comfortable.

The Perfect Fitness Brand in The Contemporary Fashion Industry: SQUAT WOLF - gear, fitness, fashion, Contemporary Fashion, clothes

Workout attires for women

For women, fashion and fitness is a priority; the SQUAT WOLF brand has incredible sports bras, performance leggings, gym tanks, and hoodies designed with different sizes and colors to fit every woman’s taste. The brand plans to create new women and men products to satisfy the UAE’s sports industry and the whole world.

The Perfect Fitness Brand in The Contemporary Fashion Industry: SQUAT WOLF - gear, fitness, fashion, Contemporary Fashion, clothes

Squat Wolf conclusive plans on fashion and fitness.

SQUAT WOLF aims to extend its fashion and fitness influence internationally providing the world with exclusive quality products. The plan is to impact people in all social status giving them a reason to enjoy sports and workouts promoting healthy living and flexibility in every SQUAT WOLF attire.