If you believe in the world of psychics, then you know they can help you get answers to almost anything. It can be your career, money issues, relationships, and even connecting with the deceased.

People have been turning to psychics for centuries now. While not all people believe in their abilities, some would swear by their powers. Unlike in the past, when psychics were associated with dark forces, today, even the most educated people are turning to psychics to get insights regarding their lives.

What Psychics are Saying about COVID 19? - psychics, pandemic, covid-19, coronavirus

The best thing is that you can connect with real psychics from reputable psychic’s sites. Ideally, these psychic sites allow you to connect with the right psychic for your specific situation. However, in this post, we’re going to look at what psychics are saying about COVID-19. Read along to learn more. But before that,

What is Coronavirus?

If there’s a single word that has dominated the news and people’s conversations in 2020 is COVID-19.

Ideally, COVID-19 is a type of virus that affects the respiratory system, especially the lungs. It is a new kind of virus that has affected the whole world. Common COVID-19 symptoms include fever, cough, difficulty breathing, body aches, diarrhea, loss of smell or taste, fatigue, headache, runny nose, nausea, etc.

While a lot of people will recover from this disease, it has also led to the death of thousands of people across the globe.

The worst thing is that the new coronavirus is spread from one person to another through contact with an infected person. As such, it has changed how everything is done. Among other things, people have turned to wear face masks, frequent hand washing, social distancing, and even lockdowns.

While scientists are working to find a vaccine for this virus, it is not yet found. As such, people need to adhere to WHO guidelines regarding the prevention of this new disease.

Psychics’ View on COVID-19

As with many other things, people across the world are turning to psychics to get answers about coronavirus. Even as scientists are working hard to find a vaccine, psychics are not left behind.

For many years, psychics have tried to offer guidance to the most challenging things in people’s lives. Whether it is a disease, divorce, tragedy, and even a career progression, psychics can offer much-needed guidance.

Renowned reality show star Kim Kardashian has shared a part of a book that predicted the coronavirus outbreak. According to this snippet, a pneumonia-like disease will attack the world. This illness will affect the lungs and also the bronchial tubes and will not be treatable.

The snippet continues to say that the illness will vanish after some time, just like how it arrived. The disease will, however, come later after ten years before vanishing completely, the book reads.

Is Coronavirus a Punishment from God?

After Kim Kardashian shared a snippet from the book of the late Sylvia Browne, many psychics have come to claim that they had foreseen the pandemic as well.

Some psychics like Deborah Hanekamp have claimed that the coronavirus pandemic is a curse from God due to people’s evils.

Others believe that the pandemic is as a result of planetary alignment. This, they say, is because planets Saturn and Pluto connected for the first time since 1982.

Although Brown’s prediction has a lot of similarities with COVD-19, she could also be referring to any other type of pneumonia-like illness. Again, according to the snippet, it says the illness will attack around 2020. Again, this does not mean 2020. It could be some years before or after 2020.

Whether these predictions are true or false or if they relate to COVID-19 or not, we’ll leave that to you.

Will COVID-19 Bring the World to an End?

Considering the nature of COVID-19, coupled with the fact that it has killed thousands of people across the world, you would be forgiven to think that it signifies the end of the world.

In fact, some psychics believe that, while it may take time, coronavirus pandemic could start the end of the world. Others like the late Silvia Browne claim that the pandemic will come again after ten years and then varnish completely.

What Should We Learn from this Pandemic?

While COVID-19 has changed how the world operates and killed thousands of people, it also offers some critical lessons. Many psychics believe that the pandemic will bring countries together in a bid to find a solution.

According to scientists, COVID-19 may likely last for up to two years. Among other things, this is because compared to the flu, COVID-19 has a longer incubation period. As such, infected persons may take longer before showing any symptoms.

What’s more, asymptomatic patients are more likely to transmit the disease. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that you follow the WHO and ministry of health prevention guidelines.