6 Ways To Make New Hires Feel More Valued And Respected - mentro, Lifestyle, employees

Finding the right talent for your company can be challenging. But once you’ve found them, make sure to care for them well; you could get even on their first day of work.

Everyone wants to feel valued and respected at work. But, it’s more crucial for new hires. This will help them transition smoothly and boost their morale. Over time, this will also affect how they work.

But how do you do it? Here are some ways to help your new hire.

Prepare The Basics

Employees always prepare for their first day at work. And you need to be prepared for their arrival too.

One of the usual mistakes for new hires is not being ready for the new talents. This makes them feel as if you’re not excited to include them in the company. Over time, this could also affect their output as they don’t have the essentials for their work.

That said, don’t wait until your new hire’s first day. Prepare everything they need ahead for onboarding them. Once they arrive, they will make them feel included in the team and more excited to work.

Yes, doing this requires some effort. But, your new hire will appreciate it a lot. Not to mention, it will help them with their transition.

Introduce the Team

Working in a new environment where you don’t know anyone is uncomfortable. In case you need anything, you don’t know who to approach for assistance. But, if you know everyone, it’s easier to communicate and get things done.

That said, as you welcome your new hire, don’t forget to introduce everyone too. Aside from feeling welcomed, this will also help your new hire know who they can talk to in case they need help with tasks they aren’t familiar with yet.

Assign a Mentor

Speaking of communication and assistance, you should also consider assigning a mentor. Aside from introducing the whole team to your new hire, it would also help a lot if you were to assign a mentor to your new employee.

It’s hard to do tasks when you’re not sure what to do next despite having a to-do list. With a mentor, however, you will be guided well.

Hence, if you’re expecting a new hire, make sure to provide them a mentor too. This will help them feel more confident and welcomed. Plus, you won’t have to worry much about their output and their transition as your assigned mentor will direct them.

Care About Well-being

Of course, you shouldn’t only be focusing on orienting and training your new employee. You need to make them enjoy their new environment and ensure their well-being too.

Communicate with them early and frequently check on them. This way, you can quickly provide them with the help they need. Give needed breaks if you can so they won’t get too stressed out, which could negatively affect their performance.

This will also make them stay longer. Remember, if an employee who enjoys their work and their environment is likely to stay longer and perform better.

Address Growth

6 Ways To Make New Hires Feel More Valued And Respected - mentro, Lifestyle, employees

No one wants to do their best and not get recognition for it. It can be frustrating and could also negatively affect one’s performance. But, if you do get recognition for it, it can make you feel more confident about yourself and your output. It also lets you know if you’re on the right track. Plus, it can positively affect how your co-workers see you.

Therefore, make sure to address your new employees’ progress. Don’t worry; you don’t have to throw a party, though. Simple words of appreciation will already do, such as “Good work!”, “You did well today,” or “I knew you could do it.”


Another way to make your new hires (and even your old employees) feel more respected and valued is to make them feel they’re heard. When your employees feel they’re listened to, it’s easier for them to communicate suggestions, concerns, opinions, as well as their ideas, which will improve their environment.

And when their work environment improves, everyone can enjoy a peaceful workplace, become more productive, easily collaborate, and more.  As a result, your company will grow too.

One of the ways to encourage communication is by implementing an open door policy; but, remember, as they say, actions speak louder than words. So, make sure that your employees’ concerns aren’t met by deaf ears and make sure to take action quickly even if only one employee has raised one concern.

The way your new hire feels on their first day is important. So, help their transition run smoothly by making them feel more valued and respected.