As we head into the new year, there’s no better reason to throw a party than making our way through all these unprecedented times we have been living through collectively. With the holidays behind you, your head may be in a bit of a whirlwind, though, as they can be a stressful time of year for many. But, as you go planning your parties next year, make sure you do not forget a thing, no matter how hectic things get. Keep reading for some vital party hosting needs to help you execute your best event yet!

5 Party Hosting Needs You Can't Forget - theme, party host, outfit, New Year, food, favors, Drinks

A Theme

Everyone loves a good party, but the ones we tend to remember are the ones that have a coherent theme. Throwing a casual get-together is one thing, but we’re talking about parties. So make sure you decide on a theme and incorporate it into as many aspects of the event as you can. Starting with the invitations – whether you go digital or classic snail mail, make sure there’s a hint of the vibe of your party in the invitation. If you struggle with coming up with themes and ideas or executing them, it’s worth considering hiring an event coordinator.

Delicious Eats

What’s a party without delicious food for you and your guests to enjoy? Whether you whip up your favorite recipes or hire a caterer, it’s important to have delicious eats on hand. Make sure you have appetizers out if you’re not doing a sit-down type of meal for everyone’s attendance. With charcuterie boards being all the rage, it’s easy to get on Pinterest or another social media platform and design a masterpiece that everyone will want to take a selfie in front of. Make sure that you also have plenty of plant-based and gluten-free options on hand, as some of your guests may have specific food sensitivities or lifestyles.


It’s essential to have a little favor or souvenir of the party that guests can go home with as mementos. Kids aren’t the only ones who cherish a physical memory of a great party! Favors at your adult parties could be as simple as monogrammed matchboxes, bottles of wine, personalized drinkware – the list is endless. The higher the scale of your event, the more elaborate you want your party favors to be. Just remember, the devil is in the details, so having something tangible your guests can leave with is a detail they’ll delight in!

A Signature Drink

The same way you want your guests to remember your party for the details, the favors, and the food – it’s a fantastic idea to have a signature cocktail for the party. You can have more than one if you choose. Giving the drink a name that coincides with the theme of the event or perhaps the person the event is honoring is an even better idea. It’s never a bad idea to hire a bartender if it’s within your budget. Hiring a bartender keeps things running smoothly, and you don’t have to worry about staying up on people’s beverages. In addition, you want to have plenty of “dry” options for people who are either underage or choose to be sober.

An Amazing Outfit

We all want to be the host with the most, and one of the quickest ways to accomplish that is to make sure we are dressed to the nines when we answer the door. Sure, your guests have met you, and this isn’t their “first impression” of you, but it is their first impression of you as the host of your epic event. Whether you work with a stylist or scour the internet to decide which one of the seasons looks is the one you want to go with, make sure you incorporate trends that work with your signature look as well as the theme of your party.

Hosting a party can feel stressful even for the most seasoned hostesses, but if you utilize the tips mentioned earlier, you’ll do quicker work out of hosting than if you don’t. Remember, people are coming to celebrate with you and have a good time – expect the unexpected but enjoy your party with everyone else too! Cheers!