Life is so hectic; when you finally get the time to spend with each other you should take advantage and enjoy it. Frequent date nights are ideal for keeping things in your relationship fresh and new. This includes wearing trendy new fashions and stepping out in style! Not sure what  to wear on your next date night? Well there are plenty of fashionable celebrity couples you can draw your inspiration from. Whether you’re headed to the movies or a night out on the town, looking good while you’re doing it simply makes date night all the more memorable.

Below are a few ideas on how to dress for your next night out.

Movie Attire (Casual, Laid Back)

A trip to the movies is an all time favorite date night choice. The atmosphere tends to be very laid back and casual, so you don’t want to overdo it. However, there are a lot of options when going to the movies. Guys, wearing a nice pair of khakis with a button down top or nice polo is a great casual way to dress. Jay-Z in fact is notorious for wearing just that form of attire. He’s generally very laid back and casual in his style of dress and allows Beyonce to be more of the focal point. Ladies, you can either dress down to match your guy wearing something like a pair of boyfriend jeans with a button down shirt or nice novelty tee shirt and some flats. Or you can dress up a bit going with more of an animal print pant, solid top, and some heels.c15b9bcbeaa71cb9_Beyonce-Knowles

Dinner and Dancing (Upscale)

If you’re heading out for a nice night on the town such as dinner and dancing then you’re going to dress up just a bit. You don’t have to be all glitz and glam but you want to fit in with whatever environment you’re going to be in. If you’re heading to an upscale restaurant and lounge then guys might be interested in wearing something a bit more “business casual”. Something like a nice pair of slacks, a shirt and a blazer jacket would be fitting. Ladies on the other hand might want to dust off their “little black dress” pairing it with a bold colored pair of shoes and accessories.4 Date Night Fashion Ideas for Couples - Street style, Movie Attire, Fashion Ideas, Date Night Fashion Ideas, Couples, comfy, casual

Sporting Event (Street Style)

Sporting events can really be a lot of fun and allow you guys to connect as a couple on a whole new level. You can also compliment each other by incorporating a little street style. The main objective here is to look cool and comfortable while cheering for your favorite team. Dressing for sporting events can be fairly simple. Guys, you can actually just put on a pair of jeans with your favorite team jersey or tee shirt. Ladies can do pretty much the same thing. If you want to add a bit more style to it, wearing add-ons like leather jackets (if weather permitted it), nice watches, hats, and heels (for the ladies) can make things look a bit more trendy.4 Date Night Fashion Ideas for Couples - Street style, Movie Attire, Fashion Ideas, Date Night Fashion Ideas, Couples, comfy, casual

A Walk Along the Beach (Cool and Comfy)

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, a nice stroll along the sand is a great romantic date night idea. Since you’ll be walking along the sand and water, there’s no need in being over the top with your fashion. For the guys, wearing trendy options like preppy mens clothes might just do the trick with being fashionable and comfortable on the beach. Something like a nice polo t-shirt, some flip flops, and Napa pants would suffice. Ladies, a nice sundress with a beach hat and sandals or flip flops will work well to compliment your guy.

Hopefully these fashion ideas have given you some ideas on how you and your guy can look great while you spend some much needed time together. Remember when it comes to fashion it’s not always about what’s hot or not, sometimes it’s just about dressing how you feel. Incorporate your own personalities into these ideas and step out of the house looking and feeling great about what the night will hold.