Home decors are compared to cherries on top of an ice cream which makes your home look interesting and elegant. It also gives a distinctive look that can easily capture someone’s eye. There are different types of home decorations, depending on the architectural and interior design. Some homeowners also prefer DIY home decoration to customise and showcase personal taste and style.

Wow Potential Home Buyers With These Decor Tips - selling house, lighting, home decor, curtain, Artwork

We spoke to Adriana Aziz, operations manager at MaidForYou and she gave us these home décor tips to wow potential home buyers!

Choose an interesting shade for the front door

Adriana stated that it’s key to ‘make a striking impression by painting your door with a fun and glossy colour’. She went onto say that ‘Colours communicate warm messages such as “welcome to our home”’. Colours are also associated with warm feelings such as love, joy, hospitality and friendliness.

Keep the walls bright and light

Stick to bright and light colours. Choosing neutral colours for the walls allows you to switch decorations easily. Neutral colours also help make the room feel spacious and clean. Light coloured walls give the room natural lighting, it is easy to maintain and will never go out of style.

Get an elegant curtain!

Cotton, linen and silk blends are the best recommendations for curtain fabrics because it hangs well and also provides good lighting. Faux silk is also another choice because it doesn’t seem to fade easily due to sunlight. Bright coloured curtains tend to fade faster, it is best to avoid it!

Know where to place the artwork

Do not put the artwork too high or low. It has to be at eye level to ensure that the viewer gets an excellent glance. A big piece of artwork looks good on large walls. You can also stagger small artworks with a distance ranging from 2 to 4 inches. Do not space the artworks far from each other to achieve an elegant look.

Invest in your lighting

Each room should have three types of lightings which are ambient, task and accent. Ambient provides illumination which is usually used in ceiling fixtures. Task lighting is commonly used in the kitchen or reading nook. At the same time, the accent is decorative lighting, which makes the house look elegant and sophisticated.

Know the rug rules

For the living room, all furniture legs should fit in the rug or at least the front two legs of the sofa or chair should rest on it. It is vital to choose the right size to ensure that all the furniture legs are covered. Do not place the rug too close to the wall. Some walls are not even, which affects how it looks on your floor.

Apply some visual tricks

If the ceiling is too low, hang the curtain 3 inches above the window. It tricks the eye to see that the room is taller. You can also try the custom drapes to achieve a better look.

Experiment with black colours

Go out of the ordinary by using black paint in your bedroom. It makes the bedroom look intimate and cozier. Eclectic furniture goes well with the black coloured walls giving the space a more homey vibe.

Do not forget the mirrors!

Mirrors can amplify the light in your house. Put at least one mirror on each room perpendicular to the window. Proper placing of the mirror is essential to achieve better lighting.

Less is always more!

Make your house look simple yet elegant. Do not hang too many decorations because it could be an eyesore. Pay attention to small details such as throw pillows, rugs, towels and furniture arrangements. The simpler it looks, the better.

Find an inspiration

The internet can be your source of information. There are new ideas that you can solicit and apply them to your home decorations. It allows you to blend different designs that can help you create your own styles.

Get help from professionals

Experts can help you achieve the best look for your entire home. They can help you fit in the best decoration that suits your home and style. Letting the experts take care of your home decoration means that you should expect an excellent outcome.

Final Say

Potential home buyers look for properties with a sense of taste and style. They want a home with character, not a dull one with outdated home decors!

How can you achieve the best home decorations? Conduct research and visualise your newly decorated home.

The truth is… it is not the objects or items in the house that makes it look elegant but how it placed on each corner. Every item in your home should be placed in the right spot to achieve balance and proportion. Proportion and balance leave a good impression which makes your property popular in the market.