You look around, and your furniture pieces all feel lifeless and boring. Well, this is a commonality, as furniture is mass produced these days and is overly simple and poor-quality. Of course, this isn’t your fault as you liked those pieces at one point and may have simply outgrown the furniture style in your home. Or maybe you never put much thought into the quality or source of your furniture as you just wanted something there! Well, if you’re feeling ready for a change and have considered buying vintage, follow along for some benefits of buying antique and why you will not regret the choice!

Why Antique Furniture Is Worth The Investment - unique, investment, home decor, furniture, antique

It’s Green

Big stores like Ikea actually have some pieces that are manufactured from illegally harvested wood. It is named one of the least sustainable retailers on the planet. Not to completely bash Ikea or make you feel guilty about your past decisions, but many big names cheaply assemble their furniture in China and are not sustainable. On top of that, the furniture that you’re getting is not quality like vintage furniture.

If you purchase antique furniture, you are buying 100% post-consumer content which is the most environmentally friendly furniture choice you can pick. When you buy antiques, you are also supporting a small, locally owned business and you are ensuring your pieces don’t come from overseas. It will feel so good knowing you are doing your part to save the environment and make wise purchasing decisions. It will make you feel good knowing an item that was outlasted by a previous owner gets a new lease on life and a new appreciation by another owner.

Smart Investment

Vintage furniture pieces offer superior craftsmanship that you will love. If you’ve ever noticed, antique furniture is heavier, and this is because it is not hiding anything cheap and all the pieces are quality. Additionally, this is a smart investment because you will retain significant resale value. You will have a much easier time selling a vintage piece if you decide to part ways with it, and get your money back. In comparison to cheaper pieces that lose value significantly fast, vintage is worth the investment!

It Tells A Story

Your furniture has the ability to tell a story and you can recycle pieces from all over the world. Are you an adventurous soul? Well, bring some of the adventure and story-telling aspect into your home by choosing a furniture piece that has some history. Vintage pieces have a soul, a sense of history, and durability that you can one day pass to others. Antiques are more than just furniture, they are physical pieces of history infusing your home with collective stories of their past. You can also order pieces from around the world to reflect that region or historical era. Everything can be recreated to embody the style you wish to create in your home!

It’s Unique

Antique furniture allows you to create and design a home that is one of a kind and expresses your personality instead of looking like everyone else’s. Additionally, good quality pieces can be styled in many ways if you feel like changing your decor or colors after a few years. You can rest assured knowing you have original and unique furniture that no one can replicate. Not only that, but you can take it with you for all your moves and upgrades. An antique piece of furniture will never fail you!

You Can Pair Vintage With Everything!

To create a sophisticated and trend-proof home, you will want to mix it up! Vintage pieces add texture, contrast, and personality and are perfect when paired with newer decor or pieces. If you travel and collect vintage mugs or decor items your antique furniture will pair just right! If you buy classic rock, jazz, or rap vinyl, they’ll look great next to your turntable on a vintage table. And if you throw in a little bit of modern edge to your home, the vintage will juxtapose well with the modern. You won’t have to worry about keeping up with the latest trends that become outdated very fast when you have a great mix of styles in your home. To do so, antique investments are the best choice!