Fresh coffee is always enticing thanks to its aroma, and retention of all the benefits that come with coffee. While the idea of fresh coffee is enticing, most people find it challenging when it comes to choosing the gadgets for preparing it. Most coffee lovers find themselves stuck in choosing between an integrated grinder and a standalone one. While each of them has its advantages, the integrated grinder is much more convenient. It’s grind and brew combo is simply the best, especially if you want to make a quick cup of fresh coffee on the go. The convenience of integrated grinders manifests in multiple ways. To give you an idea of how good it is, here is a quick comparison between integrated and standalone grinders.

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1. Speed in making coffee

As mentioned earlier, when you need to make a cup of fresh coffee, then an integrated grinder is much more efficient. That’s because, it is one machine that does both the grinding and brewing. With an integrated grinder, it can take you less than 5 minutes to prepare. You can’t compare this to a standalone grinder. With a standalone, you will have to transfer the ground coffee beans into a brewer, and that’s quite inconveniencing. You may not notice it until you try making a cup of coffee, when you are late for work. In such a scenario, the last thing you want is to be forced to use multiple gadgets at the same time.

2. Integrated grinders are easy to clean

In the past, people avoided integrated grinders due to the hassle of cleaning them. However, this is no longer the case. Most advanced models come with a removable cleaning component, which makes them very easy to clean. By detaching the brewing component, the time spent on cleaning the gadget is shortened significantly. This makes it perfect, when you factor in its other advantages, such as the speed of preparing coffee.

3. Integrated grinders are easy to operate

One thing you will love about integrated grinders is that, they are easy to operate. With most of them, you get the whole process done in a single click of a button. The gadget is smart enough to know what to do, once you set it in motion. That’s much more convenient than having to use multiple gadgets, just to prepare a cup of coffee.

4. Integrated milk components

Most people enjoy their coffee with milk. Not only is it healthy, but it’s also sweeter. The challenge is in preparing it. When using a standalone grinder, you have to manually mix the ingredients on different gadgets, and it’s boring and time-consuming. An integrated grinder makes this process much more convenient. That’s because, some integrated grinders, come with components for adding milk. It makes the whole process much easier. You actually enjoy the coffee making process. It’s one of the many reasons why integrated grinders trump standalone grinders. They are simply more convenient for making fresh coffee, without having to spend lots of time on it.