Whether you have ever experienced an actual plumbing emergency or you have checked a plumbing website for information, chances are that you have come across an emergency plumber. Forget your 9 to 5 professional who only comes on a schedule or for routine visits, emergency plumbers are worth their weight in gold.

Their quick responsiveness to emergencies, ‘round the clock, or holidays or weekends, is what makes them the reliable professionals that they are.

But let’s picture this scenario- your kitchen sink pipes burst in the middle of the night. You have an emergency plumber’s details written in your notebook and voila! Your mind goes blank! So, what will you say so that they can attend to your plumbing emergency?

Worry not! We‘ve got a few ideas for you!

What to say when calling for Emergency Plumbing Services - plumbing, improvement, home

Give your name and address

The plumber will not make it to you if they do not know where you reside and how to address you when they arrive, right? As such, your name and address should always be a top priority.

While these two details may sound rather obvious, you will be surprised by the number of things that people forget during a plumbing emergency. Even if you assume that the plumber’s phone caller ID, still, go on to state your name and where you live.

State what you have done so far

Chances are that you will never come across a leaking pipe in your home and do completely nothing about it. You will try to salvage the situation in one way or another before calling on a plumber.

It is always good for the plumbing company to know what you have done before making the call. For instance, tell them that you turned off the mains water supply to the house so that they know you are in good shape before they arrive.

In case you have done nothing, it’s a good idea to wait for them to arrive and they will guide you on the best way forward. There are also instances where doing nothing is the best option. For instance, you simply need to wait for the plumber to arrive in case of a leaky faucet.

Ask if there is anything else that you can do before the plumber arrives

When calling for emergency plumber services, it is important to always ask for further guidance on what you can do to help before the professional arrives. This means being attentive to everything that they are saying, and if possible, writing down any important pointers to ensure that you do not forget them.

To get the best help, provide as much information as you can about the damage. This way, the plumber will know the right steps to take to minimize damage. Equally, the professional will also be better prepared to carry out repairs.

Ask about the service rates

Emergency plumbing rates differ from situation to situation. While a leaking faucet may come at a cheaper rate, a bursting pipe may be more expensive because of the nature of the work that is involved in its restoration.

By asking about the rates, you will find out what you are expected to pay beforehand and why you are paying the required amount. Reputable plumbers will take you through a step-by-step repair process while still on the phone so that you can understand what your money will cover.

Inquire about their travel time

It’s never a good idea to call on an emergency plumber who is located out of town. This might as well take the same amount of time that it will take to call an ordinary plumber. Ideally, you are looking for a plumber who is based nearby so that they can get to yo9u as soon as possible.

No matter how close they are, ensure that you are clear on their arrival time so that you know how long you will be waiting. You will also be able to determine whether you are willing to wait for as long as it will take or whether you would rather wait for another plumber.


Now you know exactly what to ask the next time you call an emergency plumber! With these questions, you will be well-informed about the situation and know what to expect.

The good news is that there is no order to the questions. You can ask them however you deem fit. By asking in the right way, any and every plumber will be happy to attend to your situation with the urgency that it needs.