If you want to be in harmony with your inner self, your body and nature, you will have to coordinate your jewels with your zodiac sign. Here is some interesting information on what jewels you should wear.

Aries are a strong and powerful sign. Red is completely their color. They should wear rubies set in silver.

Tauruses should wear mostly gems with a yellow hue. This is an earth sign and its representatives can wear agate, topaz and amber. Bracelets made from copper and silver set with these precious stones are especially suitable for them.

Gemini are influenced by amethyst and all jewels made of silver and steel. A pendant or necklace with purple precious stones will turn you into a confidant and stylish woman.

Moonstones or emeralds set in silver or gold are the best choice for cancers. These precious metals and stones perfectly correspond to the cancers’ sensitive emotional nature.

The Leo is the most powerful character in the zodiac. Fiery metals are his specialty. An original bracelet of copper and amber is especially fitting. Gold is a great addition to each accessory.

Gentle Virgos have to wear only jewels made of dark materials. Dark silver combined with black or deep purple precious or semi-precious stones are the best choice for this sign.

Topaz, amber and aquamarine give strength to the Libra. Together with silver, these gems are sure to bring balance to the scales.

Scorpios have to maintain their powerful presence with corals and rubies. Luckily they love wearing silver which is the one metal, most highly recommended for their sign.

Sagittarius is a sign that needs blue. Earrings set with sapphires or blue topaz will look astonishing on any Sagittarian lady.

Capricorn is another earthy sign with a down-to-Earth nature. Capricorns are somewhat temperamental. Black pearls are their domain.

And speaking of blue, we simply have to mention Aquarius! Jewels made out of sapphires and turquoise with a simple design and combined with silver are just the ornament for them.

And last but not least come the Pieces. They also like the colors of water. Blue and silver, amethyst and gems in dark blue can truly unlock their potential.

Our zodiac sign reveals some of our basic traits. In combination with the right gems and metals it can have an interesting effect on us and the people around us. Each precious metal and stone has its own particular properties. Make sure to choose the ones that will enhance your personality. Then you will have nothing left but to enjoy your harmonious look.

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