There is nothing like getting away with your partner. You leave the day-to-day behind and spend time focusing on your needs as a couple. It’s just you, them, and a destination filled with exciting things to do. Romantic vacations allow you to talk, connect, and bond in ways you never thought possible. While all you need is your partner to make the experience magical, having a few “tricks” up your sleeve can help set the tone during your romantic getaway.

Top Items To Set The Mood For Your Romantic Vacation - travel, romantic, perfume, partner


The first suggestion may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s not uncommon for people to go on romantic getaways and not be present during the experience. Don’t let things like work, personal issues, or social media distract you from what’s most important. The best way to spark romance in your relationship is to shut out all the noise and be present.


Although you’ll spend a lot of time exploring and engaging in activities, some downtime with your partner is ideal. You can head back to the room, put on your pj’s, and listen to music while you eat snacks, talk, play games, or cuddle. As radio stations and internet signals can be fickle, creating and downloading a playlist to listen to on your romantic getaway is best.

A Selfie Stick

Every moment with your partner should be cherished, especially on a romantic getaway. However, asking strangers to take a picture or struggling to get the right angle is a pain. A selfie stick ensures you can capture photos or videos with ease.


When you’re finished exploring for the day, you can keep the night going by playing games in your hotel room. Believe it or not, tapping into your inner child and having fun can really strengthen your relationship. You can pack your gaming console and challenge your partner to a friendly competition. You might also consider unplugging from technology and playing board or card games.

Spa And Wellness Products

While visiting a spa or requesting services to your room can be therapeutic, there’s nothing more romantic than pampering each other. Bringing items like face masks, essential oils, bath salts, and wickless candles can transform your hotel room into a romantic wellness experience. Turn on your playlist, set up the candles, and turn off the lights to set the tone. You can soak in the tub together, then take turns giving each other a massage.

Perfume or Cologne

There’s nothing like a lovely fragrance to put you in the right mood. If you want to step things up a notch on your romantic trip, you’ll want to get some perfume or cologne. Shop for luxury discount perfume fragrances with notes of vanilla blossom, rose, violet, jasmine, lotus flower, passionfruit, and patchouli to evoke feelings of passion.

A Formal Outfit

What is a couple’s getaway without at least one romantic evening out on the town? Whether you head to a nice restaurant with an ocean view, go dancing, or attend an intimate and upscale event, you can impress your partner by wearing something attractive and formal. A black sequin cocktail dress with a pair of red bottoms and matching accessories will look stunning. You’ll also enjoy looking good and turning heads everywhere you go.

New Pajamas

Don’t take your old tattered, torn, and oversized pajamas on your romantic trip. This time is supposed to be about rekindling the love, romance, and connection with your partner. Therefore, you want to keep them interested by stepping outside the norm. You could keep it sexy with lingerie or opt for something cute and flirty with a silk pajama set or some boyshorts and a crop-top tee. You can earn a few extra brownie points by them in your partner’s favorite color.

You don’t get the opportunity to travel with your partner often. Work, home, and other obligations often make it challenging to plan romantic rendezvous. So, when you get the chance to be alone with the love of your life, make the most of the experience by bringing the above items with you to set the tone.