Modern mattresses aren’t built like sleep products of the past. Today, many mattress manufacturers are now incorporating advanced technologies that help consumers sleep better throughout the night. In this guide, you’ll discover some of these advanced technologies for mattresses.

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Adjustable Beds

An adjustable bed is great for a middle-age adult or a senior because its mattress has intuitive controls that enhance comfort. There are several manipulation points within an adjustable mattress, and they can relieve tension by strategically raising or lowering your head, feet, or torso. Proper elevation is important as it increases blood circulation, and for seniors, a correct adjustment can make the process of getting in and out of bed much easier.

Copper Infusion

A copper-infused mattress produces air channels that can help you stay cool. This technology basically changes how heat is transferred against the sheets by strategically working with your body temperature as you sleep at night. As a result, you’ll never sweat on a copper-infused mattress because the technology will counteract it.

The copper also helps a mattress stay cleaner longer because copper has strong antibacterial-fighting properties. If heat levels rise, a copper-infused mattress will block viruses, mold and bacteria.

Sensor Technology

The most advanced mattresses have technology that monitors sleep patterns using sensors. These sensors start working immediately after you fall asleep. They measure breathing, heart rate, sleep interruptions and deep sleep intervals.

All of this data is compiled into a mobile app, and you can make nightly changes to improve your sleep by reviewing the statistics. Mobile apps for mattress sensors have a basic interface, so you’ll have no problems tracking your progress.

If you sleep on a mattress with sensors, the sensor pad won’t affect how you sleep because it’s very slim and compact. The unit rests flat on the top of a mattress, so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or restricting.

Illumination and Temperature Control

Lighting for a mattress illuminates the bedding and the floor. All accessory manufacturers use soft lighting that can light the way out of a bedroom without disturbing someone who is already asleep.

Heating elements are a new technology, and it’s typically incorporated in designs to help provide the right temperature for best sleeping. The heating device doesn’t heat up an entire mattress; it only raises the temperature where you place your feet and in other isolated spots. If you constantly have cold feet in bed because of poor blood circulation, a mattress with heating technology can increase the blood flow.

Adjustments for Firmness

Everyone has a specific comfort level at bedtime. Some people like a soft mattress, and others can only sleep on a firm mattress. An air mattress is a smart sleep solution because it uses technology that gives you the ability to adjust firmness levels by adding or releasing air. You can inflate or deflate an air mattress by using an integrated pump.

The more advanced air mattresses have additional features, such as access to a mobile app that gathers statistics. There are also highly sophisticated air mattresses that have sensors that interact with an air pump; each sensor is synced to a remote system that adjusts the mattress’s firmness based on sleep patterns.