Interior designers fairly admit that a coffee table is a focus point of a sitting zone in your living room. Whether you use it as an untouchable decorative piece or as an actual table for occasional work or hospitable meetings, it should somehow reflect your personality and be adapted to chosen functionality. Choosing a perfect coffee table for your living room is only the first step; later, you will have fun adorning it and brightening the atmosphere with unique and adorable objects.

Our team and came up with a list of useful tips for decorating your coffee table!

1.A brief arrangement. Before choosing items and purchasing pots, you actually need to make some necessary decisions. What is the main purpose of a table? Are you going to lumber it up with small objects or want to put one massive item? Do you want to have storages and baskets? It makes a lot of sense and helps you choose the ideal setup for decorating.

2.A tablecloth. Clothes are a good idea for warm and cozy interiors and look great near a fireplace. As well, it is a convenient pick for wooden tables: a tablecloth protects its surface from scratches. Floral and moderate oriental ornaments and prints work well for clothes. Do not forget to match tablecloth’s ornament with a general concept of a room, or else a miserable dissonance becomes unavoidable.

3.A tray. Another proper way to decorate your coffee table and save it from damages is a stylish tray. It organizes the surface space. Put a chick small vase and aromatized candles on it and enjoy!

4.A touch of freshness. Yes, you guessed: we are talking about flowers. There are two possible options: a vase with a bouquet or a pot. Bouquets of fresh flowers add an ineffable enchantment to the atmosphere. What an aroma they give! Peonies, eustomas, roses, and hydrangeas, solely or combined, – nothing can be prettier. However, buying bouquets all the time may be a bit annoying. There is a perfect decision: a pot of flowers. They stay fresh for quite a long time and look just as good as bouquets.

There are cases when minimalism is the right thing, although, try avoiding empty spaces. Adorning a coffee table is all about your subjected feeling. Why wouldn’t you put a collection of old photos in frames on it? Likewise, you can illuminate a table with a self-made linen lamp. A stack of books with colorful covers also works for the coffee table decoration. Do not limit your imagination and do not be afraid to be sentimental!


5.Add some extravagance. Classy approaches are always highly valued; however, decorating sometimes begs for some mere craziness. Start with color accents; consider brightening your interior with a shot of bold colors: a violet vase, a grass-green tray, and deep-blue pots. Then try adding some metal objects. Using metal as a basic material for the interior can cool its atmosphere, but small silver and brass items would look perfect on a coffee table.