Dabbing is one of the numerous methods of consuming tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—the psychoactive component of marijuana. It’s particularly popular among teens and young adults.   

However, since it involves consuming strong doses of THC within a short period, it can pose a risk. That’s especially true for beginners who don’t fully know what they’re doing. 

If that sounds like you, read on as this guide goes over four things you need to know about dabbing.

4 Things To Know About Dabbing Plus Tips For Beginners - thc, dabbing, cbd

Necessary Equipment For Dabbing

One of the main reasons why beginners tend to struggle with dabbing is that there are a lot of moving pieces in this activity. To be more precise, a dab rig kit consists of several components.

You can discover here to learn more about dab rig kits. For now, however, your goal is to learn how each ‘piece’ works. That said, here’s a closer look at every dab rig kit part:

  • The dab rig is the centerpiece of the setup. Its outward appearance is quite similar to a microscope; there’s an open bowl on one side and a mouthpiece on the other. It should also have a water chamber at the bottom of the apparatus, directly on top of the base.
  • The nail, called the banger, holds the THC concentrate or the dab. It is made of heat-resistant material since you need to get it as hot as possible.   
  • The torch, as the name suggests, heats the nail. It has a similar appearance to a blow torch. Perhaps the main difference is it uses butane as fuel.   
  • The carb cap or dome is what you place on top of the nail so the vapor doesn’t escape as soon as you place the dab on the extremely hot nail. They look exactly as they sound.   

A dab rig kit usually includes all these parts, but you can buy each from different manufacturers. These kits may cost at least USD$20 up to hundreds of dollars. It generally depends on your choice.

These kits come in other varieties. The electronic version, also known as dab pens, doesn’t require a torch. The heating instrument comes built-in on the dab pen itself and is portable.

Another factor that may affect the price is whether you buy additional accessories.

Additional Accessories For Dabbing

Though the four parts mentioned earlier are the only components necessary for dabbing, you can buy additional accessories to improve the experience. Though there are several options, the three common accessories include a wallet, a dab tool, and a thermometer timer.

You can store your THC concentrates in the wallet, use the dab tool to place the dab on the nail safely and securely, and use the thermometer timer to set the nail’s temperature accurately.

Different Types Of THC Concentrates

Just like supplements, THC concentrates can come in several forms.   

Here’s a look at the most common forms:

  • Crumble is dried cannabis oil with the consistency of a honeycomb.   
  • Crystalline, as the name suggests, is the crystallized form of THC concentrates.
  • Shatter has a similar appearance to peanut brittles. It’s gold and breaks easily like glass.
  • Budder has the consistency of a cake batter. It’s soft and gooey.   
  • Sauce is exactly as the name implies. It’s THC in the form of goopy sauce.

Apart from the outward appearance of each type, you may also notice a difference in their flavor. Hence, it’s best to choose properly. Once you have all the equipment, accessories, and THC concentrate, you should be ready for dabbing.

4 Things To Know About Dabbing Plus Tips For Beginners - thc, dabbing, cbd

The Dabbing Process

As long as you know what each part of the apparatus does, the dabbing process should make more sense and be easier to understand. Below are the steps that go into the dabbing process:   

  • Place the nail on the open bowl of the dab rig.
  • Get your torch. Point it straight to the nail.
  • Heat the nail until it becomes red hot.
  • Once you believe it’s hot enough, turn off the torch and wait for 30 to 60 seconds. The cooling time generally depends on the nail’s material, whether it’s quartz or titanium.
  • Get a pinch of the THC concentrate from the wallet using your dab tool.
  • Apply your dab to the nail. You can rotate the dab tool, so you don’t waste any dab.
  • Cover the nail using a carb cap to regulate the airflow.
  • Inhale the vapor from the mouthpiece, then exhale.

That should be everything you need to do to dab. It’s rather simple once you understand how it goes. But while dabbing can help with managing stress, you must always practice moderation.

Dabbing Tips For Beginners

It doesn’t take an expert to dab properly, but it does require experience to know how to make the most out of the experience. Here are some tips to help improve your dabbing experience:

  • Use a thermometer timer so you can time the cooling accurately.   
  • Get rid of leftover concentrates from the nail by burning them off with the torch.
  • Soak the nail in isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes after every use.   
  • Try to set the nail’s temperature to around 400°F for optimal results.   
  • When inhaling the vapor, mix in a little bit of natural air on top of it. Inhaling only the vapor for even a few seconds can lead to coughing since the vapor is quite potent.

Wrapping Up

While it can be intimidating due to the numerous moving parts of a dab rig kit, it’s much simpler than what other people make it out to be. You must’ve realized that with this guide as well. The only concern with dabbing is that it can be risky, which is why sufficient knowledge is necessary before you jump right into this activity.