If you are looking for ways to stay warm in the winter, especially if you are stuck at home with remote work, and trying to get through the cold season without affecting your budget, then you are here at the right place. Here is the list of the best tips to stay warm and cozy in winter without allowing the bills to go through the roof.

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Without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

Use Bubble Wrap to Insulate the Windows

This one is a surprising hack that can enormously decrease the chances of heat loss. All you need to do is to insulate your windows by using bubble wrap. Many of you will not believe this effectiveness, and we wouldn’t blame you as we couldn’t believe it ourselves at first.

This hack is simple and very easy to do. Just make sure to cut the bubble wrap in the right size to adjust to the windows. Next, mist the bubble wrap with water with the help of a spray bottle. By doing so, you will ensure the easy removal of the bubble wrap sheets without damaging the windows.

Bubble wrap shields can reduce the risk of heat loss by upto 50%. So, it is well worth the try!

Look for Gaps & Cracks

After insulating the windows, you may also want to check the central heating system of your house and see what sort of upgrading it needs. Click here for more information about boiler cover. Assess your interior and analyze where cold air could enter, such as underneath the tiny gap between the door and the floor. You can block that gateway by using old towels and old blankets.

Also, assess your ventilation and consider blocking it temporarily in the case of extreme cold. Don’t forget to unblock it later as ventilation is important for your health and the house in general.

Reverse the Ceiling Fan

Another hack to keep your house cozy is to reverse the ceiling fan, which will push the warm air back into the room, hence keeping the warmth inside. Many people mistake placing their furniture, especially the sofa, in front of their heater/ radiator, which blocks the warmth by preventing the air from circulating.

It also impacts the fact of having a radiator on as you won’t get the heat anyway. Understandably, it can be challenging to move the furniture away from the radiator if you are in a tight space, such as a tiny apartment; however, try to move the sofas and other furniture away from the radiator as much as possible.

Incorporate Warm Habits

Our body temperature keeps fluctuating throughout the day and night, which is why it is at its lowest at 4 am. That said, keep an extra warm blanket ready at hand to use and cover your body with it. First thing in the morning, avoid touching the cold floor with your bare feet but keep your warm slippers and a cozy dressing gown ready so that you don’t shiver unnecessarily.

Final Thoughts

You don’t necessarily have to break the bank or make major home upgrades to stay cozy this winter. Sometimes, all it takes are subtle changes and little adjustments.