When choosing the best pyjamas we must take into account some aspects, we must remember those good pyjamas before bed guarantees us a calm and comfortable rest. Hunkemöller women’s loungewear and pyjamas are designed and thought to offer good design but also a quality product with premium fabrics.

After daily activities, there is nothing more comfortable than taking a shower and putting on one of the Hunkemöller women’s pyjamas to get the comfort you need to sleep soundly and get up optimally the next day.

How to choose the perfect pyjamas


There are some points to consider when choosing clothes for home and clothes for sleeping. You should evaluate the quality of the material, the size, or the different options depending on the season.

One of the materials that we recommend is cotton, pyjamas made of this material ensure softness and comfort.

As for sizing, they mustn’t be too loose or too tight. Sometimes we’re forced to prioritize comfort over design, but Hunkemöller women’s pyjamas naturally combine these two concepts without sacrificing style.

We do not recommend buying pyjamas that are very small because the movements before bed will be limited and we will feel uncomfortable, just as if we think of a very large size, the excess fabric can curl up and become annoying. The slightly loose size is ideal but adapts well to the body.

The colour of your pyjamas could go with your personality. Remember that the colour of a garment is directly related to the person’s mood. Despite this concept, we advise you to think of colours that will give you calm when resting.

Choose your pyjamas according to the season


The idea is to have two types of pyjamas in your closet, one for the colder seasons and one for the hotter seasons. In the summer, the materials are cooler and lighter, and in the winter, the fabrics are thicker.

The softness of the fabric and the thermal comfort are qualities that we must always take into account. Let’s not forget the fact that almost all of us spend a third of our lives in bed, so it’s important to have good linens and pyjamas.

Care and washing of pyjamas

When washing our nightwear, you should always follow the instructions on the washing label. In most cases, nightwear can be washed at temperatures up to 40 degrees.

The ideal would be to hand wash the garments made of more delicate materials or with decorations or accessories. The labels tell us whether or not we are dealing with a delicate garment and whether it should be hand-washed.

If the clothes need to be ironed, we advise you to use low temperatures, especially if the pyjamas have embroidery, stones, etc. to have. Keep in mind that not all nightwear can be put in the dryer, so we insist that reading the label guarantees that our favourite garment will last a long time in optimal conditions.