Being a new dog owner is an exciting time for you and your four-legged companion. While the first thing you’ll want to do is bring your new dog home, there are a few things you need to go shopping for first. Whether you have gotten a puppy, or you are welcoming an older dog into your life, here is the essential shopping list to get you started on your journey as a pet parent.

LED Dog Collar

An LED dog collar can be a lifesaver when you are walking your dog in the fog, dark, or dusk. It’s extremely visible, and you can adjust it to flash, in case you are in an area that is exceptionally hard to see what’s in front of you. Not only will the LED dog collar protect your dog, it will protect you as well. Make sure you add this to your essential shopping list so you can protect the safety of your new dog, and make sure they are always in plain sight.008-GAZi-Photography-Squeaker-Poochlight-Pink-LED-Light-Up-Leash

A Chew Toy

Not all dogs love the same chew toys, so you may want to take your new dog with you when picking this out. This will be extremely important in order to keep them occupied and away from chewing up items like their LED dog collar, your shoes, furniture, and all of those others items that dogs like to get into. Not only will it save some of your valuable items, it will keep you from having to make a visit to the vet because your dog ate something it shouldn’t have.34761

A Bed

While it can be tempting to let your dog sleep in bed with you, you’ll still want to give them a space of their own that they can retreat to. This will also keep them from getting mud on the sheets, and give them an understanding that this is their home. Choose the right size bed for the breed of dog, and be sure you get one that offers them the support they need. Many breeds will suffer from arthritis and hip dysplasia as they age, and when you choose the right orthopedic bed, you can prevent future issues down the road. Head to Pet Blogish to know more about it.Country_Green_Tweed_Dog_Bed

Bowls for Food and Water

Make sure you have bowls that are the correct size for your dog, and that you feed them in the same spot everyday, and at consistent times. Large dogs may require bowls that are elevated off of the ground in order to protect their necks from having to reach down. If you have a low water bowl for them, you might find that they decide the toilet is a more approachable place to get water. If the bowls are too big for little dogs, they’ll often use their paws in an effort to bring the food and water to them, making a mess for you to clean up. Make sure you don’t let them drop their LED dog collar into the dish giving you one more thing to clean up.IMG_5737

Treats for Training Purposes

With a new dog or puppy, it will be impossible to go without doing a little bit of training. Purchase a separate treat just for the occasion and only get them out when you start working on teaching them to sit, roll over, walk to heal or when you tackle potty training. There are a lot of healthy options out there that will not only be a delight for your dog’s palate, but will also offer them the extra nutrients they need for strong bones and muscles, that may be lacking in your dog food.

An LED dog collar, chew toys, a bed, food bowls, and treats are only a few of the items that you will need when bringing a dog into your life. Other items will pop up over time as you and your new friend get to know each other better.