If you have a favourite book from your childhood, a lovely way to share it with your own children is to use it as inspiration for their bedroom décor. You can create some wonderful rooms with classic children’s literature to enthuse you, whether you have a little girl who loves pink or a tomboy who enjoys spending their time in the great outdoors. If you want to give your little girl a room that she’ll adore and stir in her a love of reading, then all you need is a few decorative elements, the right colour scheme and this article…


Sleeping Beauty’s Bedroom

Nothing conjures the essence of fairy-tale magic better than a traditional canopy bed adorned with a waterfall of sheer, pastel coloured material and wreathed with fairy lights. To add an extra special touch, buy or create a garland of birds crafted from delicate floral material to wrap around the bedposts and bring to life the aura of Sleeping Beauty’s forest home, complete with woodland creatures. A pastel colour scheme fits with Aurora’s character, although accents of white can also be used to make the colours pop. The walls should be painted white or a very pale pink to create a light, airy feel. Removable vinyl wall appliques can be used to create a castle backdrop. Use lightweight fabrics, such as organza, silk, chiffon and crepe for your window treatments, as flowing fabrics will help to bring together the fairy tale princess theme.


The Little Mermaid’s Underwater Palace

Go under the sea for inspiration and recreate the enchanted world of the Little Mermaid. Choose a watery colour scheme to conjure the effect of being underwater, complete with wall appliques or wall stencils of fish and underwater plants. A fish mobile makes a lovely addition for younger children. The walls should be painted in pale blue, and material in various shades of blue and white could be used to treat the windows and cover tables and desks.


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’s Winter Wonderland

Bring the spell of the White Witch to life in your daughter’s bedroom and turn her room into a winter wonderland. Drape the windows with lightweight ivory fabric, like organza or chiffon, and find somewhere to wrap fairy lights, to create the effect of sunlight sparkling on freshly fallen snow. Complete the look with stuffed polar bears, penguins, snowflakes and crisp white furnishings and pale blue decorations. Don’t forget a sleigh bed from Revival Beds, draped with faux fur throws and footed by a sheepskin rug, to complete the look.