Blank walls can be dull and boring. Luckily, there are multiple ways to transform the look and appeal of your space and art works best. While there are different art pieces in the market, wooden wall art works magic. It’s favorite among many homeowners, and the reasons are apparent. However, simple mistakes can ruin the entire look. And understanding how to use your art pieces will go a long way. Are you seeking to upgrade your décor with Premium wooden Posters? Check out ideas to guide you.

Surefire Ways to Enhance Your Décor with Wooden Wall Art - wooden, wood, wall murals, wall color, wall art, light, ink, home decor

1. Choose quality wood&Ink

There are different types of wood; these include pine, ash, mahogany, oak, fir, cedar, and more. You’ll get art posters in all manner of designs and wood, and it helps to choose quality over quantity. Have the grain color match other decor pieces in your home, and choose a durable wood.

The ink also matters, and the best art pieces use eco-friendly water-based ink. It’s non-toxic and safe around the home. What’s more, it’s non-solvent and odorless and is safe even when you have kids and pets.

2. Be smart in your arrangement

How you arrange your art pieces can make or break the look. Visualize how the art will look on your wall and how it completes the background color. The best way to do this is to arrange your art décor on the floor and keep rearranging until you attain the desired look. You can proceed to hang your art piece once satisfied with the look.

3. Vary the frame styles

A decorative frame will make your wall stand out. However, one frame style can be monotonous. Mix and match different frames with a variety of finishes and shapes. Be simple in your frame choices to create an ornate frame design with the different variations.

Moreover, go for custom printed home décor and have your frames match your existing décor and color. If you want to take this a notch higher, create a gallery wall with different art pieces. Doing this will add more color and pop to your home and create the illusion of space.

4. Be wise on the size

Although you can choose different art pieces with varying sizes, bigger always works best. Even when your art work is broader than your table sofa, it will command more attention and look great. Also, oversized art pieces set the tone in small spaces. For instance, use black and white in a minimalist space for enhanced appeal. You can also use a Wall Murals as a showstopper so that you can make a major statement for your large scale design.

You don’t have to go out of your budget to acquire large-sized art pieces, though! You can always group small art pieces to create that appealing look. A mass of different art pieces can still make a solid focal point.

5. Spruce it with some light

Lighting plays a significant role when it comes to artwork. Avoid large lighting fixtures that can obstruct the sight of your art pieces. Also, ensure that the area where you hang your art is well illuminated to enhance visibility.

6. Hang the pieces throughout the home

Don’t focus your art pieces on one area. Instead, hang them in different rooms and arrange them in those unusual places. This can be the laundry room or walk-in closet and will brighten your day every time you look at your wall art.

7. Consider your wall color

Your wall color is critical when we talk art décor. It creates a clean backdrop for statement art pieces. Go for neutral colors; they help draw more focus to your art piece. But, avoid overdoing everything. Have one piece to take center stage and have the other art pieces support it.

This way, your art won’t compete for attention and will look more engaging.

Wrapping up

Art is an excellent way of sprucing the look in your home. If you want to up your décor game, choose stunning wooden pieces in varying colors. Have them blend in well with your wall color and theme. But, this works best when you acquire quality wooden art pieces from reputed sellers.