Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Now comes the hard part:the dress. You don’t know what you want but you know it isn’t a white ball gown and that makes sense. While white gowns are classic, they can be a bit repetitive. If you are someone who is incredibly individualistic and carefree, it can seem ingenuine to get married in a sleek but simple white dress. It is your wedding day, so wear what makes you happy. And if you’re stumped as to what to wear on your wedding day, here are some great alternatives to the regular white dress:

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A Short Wedding Dress

Your reasoning can be that your wedding is more informal or the ceremony requires a lot of walking but sometimes the perfect wedding dress is a short one. It can also simply be because you have great legs and other people deserve to see it. A short wedding dress is often overlooked by individualistic brides as an “alternative” option. Opting for a shorter, white wedding dress is a modern and practical take and many online retailers, such as Fashion Nova, can provide one at a great price. Short wedding dresses are becoming trendier and more appealing to new brides and just a little tweak such as a shorter length can make your dress feel much more personal.

A Blue Wedding Dress

If we are talking about classics, the blue wedding dress was the original classic wedding dress. Queen Victoria set the white wedding dress craze in the 1840s and countless women following her have worn white to their wedding. Prior to Queen Victoria’s marriage, many women wore blue wedding dresses for their ceremonies. So for a vintage flair and a homage to the true classic, opt for a blue gown. Choosing a powder blue gown with some tulle can truly channel a Cinderella vibe, especially when paired with a sweetheart neckline!

A Jumpsuit

Nothing screams a modern bride more than a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits have become increasingly popular with brides and many brides have one as their reception outfit but you can also wear one to your ceremony. There are as many choices for wedding jumpsuits as there are brides. Deciding on your wedding look is hard but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and nothing screams comfort like a jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is not for the traditional bride but it is still a beautiful option. It can channel rock-star energy walking down the aisle in a sequined jumpsuit! Bonus point: You won’t need a bridesmaid to help you use the bathroom.

A Cape

For the bride that loves a traditional white dress but wants a little more “oomph” to their look: add a cape! This accent piece has been making its way through countless bridal catalogues and while it remains a statement, it is here to stay. Many brides have been turning heads with their bridal cape as it is an understated way to twist a traditional wedding dress. A cape is an undeniably breath-taking accent and can still feel new while being completely classy. Since capes have become popular many designers have released their version of a bridal cape. So whether your wedding is a city or country event, there is a bridal cape for you.

Bridal Two Piece

A bridal two-piece is the perfect choice for a bride with more than one event. Having separate tops and bottoms allow the bride to mix and match according to her event: ceremony, reception, after party, etc. Bridal two-pieces are becoming increasingly popular as brides start to venture from the traditional gown. Some brides opt for a bridal two-piece for their main event with the intention of showing a little more skin while others prefer interchangeable tops and bottoms to create a variety of looks. Regardless of why you choose a bridal two-piece, just know that it is a chic and perfect alternative to the traditional gown!

Black Wedding Dress

There is no bigger statement as a bride than a black wedding dress. A black gown is the perfect way to be unique on your wedding day. It is a dress that is striking in design. And you can definitely call it a statement piece. There are many reasons to choose a black wedding dress besides the wow factor such as it will be easier to clean and you can rewear it. Black is such a striking color and photographs beautifully, especially in black and white photos. In addition, wedding dresses are notorious for being overpriced but opting for a black “wedding dress” can rid you of the wedding tax that is normally attached to white dresses.