When did my best friend decide to buy her wedding dress online?!! And yet, if there is a product that demonstrates the success of online fashion sales, it is precisely that.Traditionally, selecting a wedding dress was one of the few occasions that any of us had to enter a sewing workshop. Either because they made it exclusively for us, or because we bought a ready-made model that required the usual adjustments, buying a wedding dress seemed like the latest analog fashion act.



Asos has revealed what are the best-selling fashion trends on the online platformAnd if we seemed obvious success of tweezers to decorate the hair of the sneakers chunky, or thick-soled sports preferred by influencers; or of the skirts cut on the bias (120,000 sold, a crazy thing), we have been very surprised by the data on wedding dresses. And it is that some 3,500 brides from all over the world have bet since 2017, when it was designed, for an outfit that combines tradition and trends thanks to the lace fabric and the two-piece design. The dress, which is part of the Asos Edition collection, has a bateau neckline, is partially lined, and plays with see-throughs at the waist to achieve the effect of being two pieces: a short top and a long skirt.

Marrying a two-piece is becoming more and more fashionable. The best wedding dresses of all time indeed continue to amaze us, including, of course, the iconic models that Meghan Markle wore. But outfits in two pieces, like those chosen by Kim Kardashian, are increasingly sought after.

The Asos model is halfway between both extremes, fulfilling the most conservative needs (lace) and at the same time providing something of a break (the fake crop top), perfect for feeling like a contemporary bride.