Revamping your home or apartment is an investment that can raise your property’s profile if you wish to list it on Airbnb or lease it furnished.

But some people just want to spruce up their living spaces for added comfort and enhance their sense of sophistication and luxury. The bedroom is one vital space you cannot afford to ignore, and making this space comfortable will entail buying new bedding.

Here are six great tips to consider when shopping around for high-quality bedspreads.

Shopping for High-Quality Bedsheets: 6 Things You Should Consider - sheets, linen, home, bedroom


The first consideration when buying sheets is getting the correct measurements for your bed size. Do you have a king or queen? The master bedroom could have a king bed, while the kids’ bedrooms have smaller bunk beds. Use a tape measure for precision, so you invest in sheets that fit perfectly for each bed in question.

2.  Fabric Varieties

If you sweat while sleeping, investing in a pair of breathable cotton sheets is the ideal option. Cotton weaves also come in handy during the hot summer months when you don’t require warm blankets and duvets.

Long-fiber cotton like Egyptian and Supima has long fibers and feels softer against the skin and is vital to resist wear and tear. Pure cotton sheets are pricey, so if you are working on a tight budget, consider buying polycotton as it’s more pocket-friendly.

Flax linen is another luxurious fabric that is great at regulating temperature during warmer nights. The fabric wrinkles easily, but it is easy to maintain, and this counts for something in a busy home. What’s more, linen doesn’t soak up due to excess moisture, so you won’t have to wake up in a pool of sweat.

3.Thread Count

Sheets with a higher thread count are denser and smoother against your body. They are hard-wearing, which means more longevity, but they don’t dry as quickly. If you are fond of ironing sheets, you will find it more challenging to achieve a smooth finish with such pairs.

If you prefer sheets that are easy to wash and dry, easy-care sheets are available, even if they have a lower thread count. The Yale Environmental Review noted that easy-care sheets have an extended lifespan and pose fewer negative impacts on the environment.

4.Organic Sheets

Going green for a more sustainable planet is a real commitment that extends to your bedroom. There are lots of organic fabrics and weaves to choose from, and these will provide longevity and softness.

Whether buying online or shopping in person, ensure that your choice of sheets has the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. They must therefore adhere to their strict guidelines for organic textile standards and, of course, must bear the Fairtrade mark.

5.What Colors?

If you are shopping for children’s bedsheets, bright colors will make dirt more conspicuous which is a plus depending on how you look at it. Most people will attest that dull colors for children’s bedsheets are more feasible as they don’t show stains.

When it comes to the master, you may want brightly-colored sheets that match your décor.  Change them as frequently as you deem appropriate.

6.Return Policy

Holiday shopping is upon us, and there are amazing deals on every corner. Even the most experienced shopper is prone to mistakes and may need to exchange one item for another. Before adding to your cart, understand the company’s return policy, so there are no misunderstandings later.

Take your time shopping around for bedsheets so you get the best quality available and find something that matches your tastes and preferences. Ensure there is a return policy so you can give back whatever doesn’t appease you without losing your hard-earned money.