Seven Vehicle Safety Devices That Save Lives

Safety technology in vehicles has reached new heights. The cars that are being released now are jam-packed with a vast assortment of sometimes more than 10 vehicle safety technologies. It’s no surprise cars are safer than ever before.

Despite the quantum leaps seen in automobile safety standards over the last three decades, cars can always be safer. The following are seven pieces of technology that car owners should look for in addition to existing features, due to the role they can play in saving lives:

1. Lane Departure Warning

Seven Vehicle Safety Devices That Save Lives

Many accidents occur because of lane shifting that occurs from distractions and fatigue. It only takes a split second for an accident to occur because the driver drifted away from the lane. Lane Departure Warning is a great feature to seek because it gives the person an audible and visual alert so that he or she can get back into position quickly.

2. Lane Correction Assistant

Seven Vehicle Safety Devices That Save Lives

Lane Correction Assistant may go by other names, but it’s the same technology. It guides the driver back into place when that person is outside of the appropriate lane. To maximize protection, a driver should search for a new vehicle that has the warning system and the correction system.

3. Ignition Interlock Device

Seven Vehicle Safety Devices That Save Lives

The Ignition Interlock Device can be helpful to any driver who drinks. It’s a device installed by specialists like Low Cost Interlock that requests a breathalyzer test from any person who wants to drive before it will allow the ignition to crank. If the blood alcohol level of such a person is too high, the vehicle will not start at all. This technology protects everyone from a potential accident.

4. Blind Spot Monitor

Seven Vehicle Safety Devices That Save Lives

The Blind Spot Monitor technology is such a blessing because it drastically cuts down the number of accidents that occur because of people who shift lanes blindly. The Blind Spot Monitor provides a second set of eyes so that no one has to experience such a crash.

5. Rear View Camera

Seven Vehicle Safety Devices That Save Lives

The Rear View Camera can be helpful in many ways. Not only can it provide an accident when the driver is backing up, but it can also keep an eye out for suspicious activity and be a good witness in an accident.

6. Multiple Airbags

Many new vehicles are coming out with multiple airbags in the units. It’s no longer just one airbag for the driver or two for the people in the front. Passenger airbags, rear airbags, and even knee airbags are coming out in the latest models. Any protective person should look for a model that has multiple airbags.

7. Post-Accident Alert Systems

Finally, anyone who finds a car that has a post-accident alert system will know that he or she is covered even if the car gets into a rough situation. This technology monitors the happenings inside of the vehicle and knows when a crash occurs. Its main job is to notify the authorities if any unusual activities occur. The system saves time for accident victims and gives them the best chance at living through the occurrence.

A shopper should look for an automobile that has all of the above technologies in it or at least most of them. It’s not uncommon to find a newer vehicle that has all of those features plus a few more. Additionally, the person should look for a vehicle that’s crafted of reinforced steel and crumple zones for maximum protection upon impact. Essentially, the consumer will want to buy a car that has the technology to prevent accidents, brace everyone if an accident does occur, and then notify the right people if it does happen.

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