Creating Cosiness in an All-White Room - wall art, textures, scandinavian look, furniture, cosiness, accent colours

Creating Cosiness in an All-White Room

Blank, white walls are everywhere at the moment. It seems a lot of us can’t get enough of that crisp, clean, Scandinavian look, but it can look clinical if you don’t get it right. We’ve put together a few pointers to get you started on creating some cosiness in that all-white room… Bridging the Gap with Furniture This is particularly important if you’ve gone for the ‘white wash’ look with white wooden floors in addition to your paintwork.  Rather than continue the minimalist look with your furniture, add a bit of depth to the room with some natural materials. Dark

Things You Need to Know About Extending Your Home - regulations, minimum sizes, home, extending

Things You Need to Know About Extending Your Home

Extending your home is a great way to get more use and more pleasure out of your home, or to add value on to a property that you want to sell. On the flip side, if you try and start an extension project without the proper planning, law, design and construction knowledge, then it’s likely to go horribly wrong. Here are our tips for making it go as smoothly as possible. Know the Building Regulations Even if you don’t need planning permission for your extension, because you’re using permitted development rights, you have to get building regulation approval. The Building

Home Craft Projects to Personalise Your Space - wall stencils, wall art, diy, canvas

Home Craft Projects to Personalise Your Space

Putting your own stamp on a home sounds simple in theory, but there are so many elements to making a house feel like a home that it’s usually a very gradual process. Whilst this can be frustrating, it’s important to remember to enjoy decorating your space. To inject a little bit of fun into the task, we’ve put together a few home craft projects that can really help to personalise your space, whilst helping you to achieve the stylish home you’ve always wanted. Wall Stencils Art doesn’t have to be hung on the walls; your walls can become pieces of

Watch Trends from Baselworld 2014: Breitling Releases - woman watches, watches, military, breitling

Watch Trends from Baselworld 2014: Breitling Releases

Breitling celebrated its 130th birthday at Baselworld earlier this year. The world renowned watch and jewelry show will be returning for Baselworld 2015 (register now for your visitor pass) in March, but until then the industry is still celebrating some of the key trend takeaways from this year’s trade fair. Here we look at some trending themes which have been taken up by big names such as Tag Heuer, Rolex, Baume & Mercier, Blancpain, Maurice Lacroix, Omega, Armin Strom and Bremont. We also take a look at 2014’s Breitling releases to see how well the brand has embraced well-reported design

5 Breathtaking Design Inspirations For Your Home - Inspirations for your home, INDOOR GREEN THUMB, home, design, Breathtaking Design Inspirations

5 Breathtaking Design Inspirations For Your Home

The latest home decor trends encourage home owners to explore their creative side.  This isn’t exactly new, especially if you remember stencilling, which gave way to vinyl words and quotes of various shapes and sizes plastered in relatively the same areas of the home. Today’s method of personalising spaces to show off individual style and taste involves more than the traditional family photo collage with quotes.  While some efforts end up in the category of scary or downright hideous, when done right, it can be an amazing statement that adds value to your home.  Even more importantly, it pleases you,

5 Timeless Fashion Pieces Every Woman Needs - White T-shirt, Timeless Fashion, Neutral Handbag, Black Pumps, Black Pants

5 Timeless Fashion Pieces Every Woman Needs

Dabbling in the latest fashion fads can be all shades of fun, whether it’s  sporting a splashy patterned maxi dresses or splurging on those uber-high platforms that make your legs look a mile long (but impede your ability to walk). Still, there’s a lot to be said for timeless fashion choices. We all have those days when we eye up our closet and conclude we have absolutely nothing to wear. And when those days hit, your beacon of comfort are those classic wardrobe pieces that can talk you off the ledge. Take a deep sigh of style relief by adding these

20 Great Home Coffee Stations Design Ideas for All Coffee Lovers - kitchen ideas, kitchen coffee station, home coffee station, coffee station, coffee lovers, Coffee

20 Great Home Coffee Stations Design Ideas for All Coffee Lovers

If you are coffee lover then you are on the right place. Here we present you some great ideas that you must try at home in your kitchen. Group all of your essential coffee making materials, tools, and ingredients to one space, and create your own home kitchen coffee station. You can create a coffee station on the kitchen counter. Also a side table is a great way to create a coffee station in the kitchen because it is a contained unit. You can also use a cabinet and place the coffee machine, roaster, materials, and ingredients in there and create a built

22 Chic Sweater and Skirt Street Style Combinations for Fall - sweater outfits, skirt outfit, skirt and sweater outfit, skirt and sweater combinations, skirt and sweater, fall trend, fall outfit ideas, fall fashion

22 Chic Sweater and Skirt Street Style Combinations for Fall

It’s that time of the year when the rainy weather has started, and coming up with stylish and cute outfits are starting to be quite challenging. Skirt and sweater combination it’s the perfect cozy yet chic outfit for the upcoming colder and rainy months. The skirt and sweater combination is a popular outfit option for fall. Skirts and sweaters, both are basics you should definitely have in your closet, and together, they make a super versatile combo that is perfect for fall. Here we present you cute skirt and sweater combos on the streets and street style snaps that are a great way to find inspiration

How to Get a Cozy Bedroom Look: 18 Great Inspiring Ideas  - cozy bedroom, cozy, bedroom design, bedroom decor

How to Get a Cozy Bedroom Look: 18 Great Inspiring Ideas

Make your bedroom comfortable and cozy with the following decorating and design ideas and tips. Invite inspiration into your home by taking a peek at some of these beautiful bedrooms. These rooms are perfect for lounging and snuggling. Steal these ideas to get a cozy, comfortable look in your bedroom. Whether your home is a small country cottage or you just want it to feel like one, enjoy a cozy bedroom retreat when you mix calming pastels, pretty floral, and vintage accessories. Here we present you 18 decorating and design ideas for gorgeously cozy bedrooms, from light and luxurious to dark and inviting. Check them out and enjoy. Source: Source: Source:

23 Ultra- Modern and Unique Home Theater Design Ideas - modern, Living room, interior design, home theater, family room

23 Ultra- Modern and Unique Home Theater Design Ideas

Create the ultimate home theater and sports media room with the help of the following inspiring ideas. Here you can find inspiration, tips and decorating ideas for your home theater. For the avid movie buff, a regular living room just doesn’t cut it. To really enjoy a good film, sometimes you just need your own home theater. Check out these pictures of 23 mind-blowing home theater design ideas. From cozy and comfortable to ultra-modern, here you can find the perfect design idea for your home theater. Use your personal style to dictate the theme of your theater. Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source:

20 Classy Chic Outfit Ideas for Fall - Street style, fall outfit ideas, elegant outfit, classic outfit, chic outfit

20 Classy Chic Outfit Ideas for Fall

Fall is great time of year. Now we get to play with some darker colors. Wearing simple and elegant clothes in autumn can look totally gorgeous and chic—but still totally practical and easy to wear. We find fashion inspiration in celebrity style and runway trends, but we often find that some of the most interesting and fashion-forward outfit ideas come from the streets. Stylish bloggers from all over the world are addressing the latest wardrobe essentials, as the results are invariably stylish and wholly inspiring. Check out the following elegant and stylish outfit ideas and find inspiration for your fall classy

Top 20 Tasty Apple Recipes to Try This Fall  - fall recipes, fall dessert recipes, apple recipes, apple desserts

Top 20 Tasty Apple Recipes to Try This Fall

Whether you’re looking for apple dessert recipes or a warm and savory fall recipe with apples, be sure that you will love the following 20 ideas for the best apple recipes. These apple pies, crisps, cakes, cookies, breads and other apple dessert recipes will fill your kitchen with the flavors of fall: crisp apples, creamy caramel, fragrant cinnamon, toasted nuts. Apples are the quintessential fall fruit and also a versatile ingredient in many tasty and healthy desserts. Celebrate fall’s bounty with mouthwatering sweet meals and desserts. Nothing says autumn quite like an apple that’s sweet, crisp, tart, and juicy. Apple Pie In A Glass Recipe: Cream Caramel Apples

22 Adorable Bracelets-The Most Favorite Between The Fashion Bloggers  - woman bracelets, modern bracelet, fashion bracelet, bracelet, Adorable bracelet

22 Adorable Bracelets-The Most Favorite Between The Fashion Bloggers

In this season bracelets still remain one of the main accessories that will complement your look. The darkened skin from the hot summer days perfect will fit with accented pieces. So this summer, extremely popular among fashion bloggers are ‘statement’ bracelets. You can wear them during the day, the celebration, the beach or going out in the night. They will make any simple combination to look much richer and more fashionable. For the bracelet is interesting that you do not have to fit stylish, but the colors should be noticeable. Yellow is again present, and you can add to the

17 Delightful DIY Hand Watches That You Need to Try This Fall - Handheld watches, diy

17 Delightful DIY Hand Watches That You Need to Try This Fall

Hand watches are amazing and fancy fashion accessories for men and women. It is one of the best fashion accessories, that need to fit into your style. There are so many kinds of this fashion piece such as: classic, sporty, elegant and refined style. You need to find your favorite style and let the watch to be a part of your daily outfit. You can combine them with your everyday casual look or with more formal outfits. All people that love fashion, will decide for trendy and fashionable handheld watch. If you are one of the people with imagination, you

18 Unique Design Ideas for Colorful Kids Bedroom - kids room, kids bedroom, kids, colorful kids bedroom, Colorful home decor, Colorful

18 Unique Design Ideas for Colorful Kids Bedroom

Whether you are changing the theme of your kid bedroom or you are just changing the color of the walls, finding the perfect color palette is key for great design. Just say no to white walls and boring neutrals. Bring on the color for kids. Check out the latest trends for girls’ and boys’ rooms. With a can of paint and a colorful imagination, you can transform a child’s bedroom into an exciting space that inspires both serious playtime and peaceful slumber. Think beyond pink and blue for a space that’s fresh and fun. Source: Source: Source: Source: Source:

Creating the ideal garden party area - party, outdoor, lighting, ideas, garden, furnishing, flooring

Creating the ideal garden party area

When the evenings are warm and long, there’s nothing like getting some friends and family round for a good old summer garden party. Elegant, sophisticated and lots of fun, garden parties are the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine and show off your beautiful home. Whether your garden is the size of a postage stamp or a football pitch, transforming your outside space into the ideal garden party area is easy; you just need a bit of imagination and a few accessories. Flooring Though your garden flooring isn’t something you can change overnight, if you’re planning on hosting regular outside

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