It takes a village to rear an actor. Many a time young and gifted actors get cast away because their parents lacked the fitting knowledge of the process. You may coach your young ones to the best of your abilities – with the kids’ best interest at heart – however, the lack of tutelage on your part may prove detrimental to your child long before they even start their acting career.

Our 5 tips for acting for kids will get you started on the right footing.

5 Tips to Acting for Kids - kids, father, family

1. Kids need positive support

Among the best thing a parent can do for their future child actor is accompanying them to auditions and giving them full support no matter how stressful the process gets. Even if stressed from work, needing to make an appearance at their other kid’s mini-league game or dealing with the city traffic, keeping such pressure to themselves is paramount. Youngsters feel negative energy.

Occasionally, judges book actors who start out poorly because of harboring guilt due to the strain they put on their families. Allow your actor to go on about their job joyfully with no pressure.

Being an actor takes much courage. Do you have within you to go to a room full of unfamiliar faces and let your emotions out?

Additionally, ensure there is no obstructive competition rivalry with other parents.

2. Let things take their natural course

Perhaps the most challenging point we’ll discuss is letting go of things; that is once auditions end, restrain from talking about them. Don’t call your manager asking “whether they heard anything.” Don’t go telling anyone who cares to listen to how your child is due for a role.

If your crew gets any feedback, you’ll be the first they inform. Encourage your child to get on with the fantastic things in their life.

3. Be relaxed, loose and fun

Your child actor needs to be in their fun and relaxed mode. They also need to listen; for the most part, auditioning is about listening and reacting. Also, your kid needs to have the capability to take instructions quickly. Often children head to auditions too anxious at times. Perhaps fixated on other things or too focused on the result.

Parents ought to help their kids let go of all distractions and walk-in assured and jovial. Somewhat like they were relaxing on a beach they had to get up and talk a stroll on the sand and plunged their toes in the sea water – that’s the kind of mood they must be in. Just chilled and ready for whatever outcome.

5 Tips to Acting for Kids - kids, father, family

4. Stand out in your acting choices

To be conspicuous is a calculated risk. The child must have confidence their picks make sense such that they could justify what they are doing and why they are doing in case they got asked.

Perhaps the most ignored point of the five on this list. Often it’s skimmed over.

Robin Williams auditioned while standing on his head something that the casting manager had never seen. It made sense within the context and was an excellent choice. Robin landed the role.

5. Entering and exiting

Your kid must appear confident when getting on and off the audition room. Moreover, they must exude professionalism like lobby etiquette whenever entering or leaving the audition lobby.

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