Moving into a new home is a pivotal moment in anyone’s life, and anyone always looks forward to it. However, it does not come easy. The task ahead is rough. Packing just to unpack all of them again a few hours later is annoying.

This goes on everywhere, for example, even when you are moving into a rental apartment in Brussels. That is why, it would be nice knowing that there is a way to make these things easier, and there is. It is just, you may just know it yet.

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Just like anything else in life, you should not put off things that you could do today for later. Moving “experts”, say that it is important that you start at least four to eight weeks prior to the move, which makes sense. If you procrastinate and pack up late, you are more likely to miss a few things and end up going back and forth between your new place and the old one.

Also, by starting early, you are guaranteed to have all the necessary equipment you need to pack everything up.


You will realize how much things you have accumulated over the years as you pack all your things to be moved out. Unfortunately, you will not have enough room for everything in your new place considering that you will still be moving in new furniture into it.

If you are in this situation, maybe you should consider donating them. Of course, you have the option to sell them. However, that may come across as greedy considering that they may be used items. It does not hurt if you do the former.


To some, it might impractical, but you will need them unless you have an empty van you can borrow, or you have one yourself.

Having professional movers to help you is a huge advantage. Not only do they help you move the things if they could, but they would also help you from the very beginning. This includes packing, moving, and assembling all the furniture and the many items that you planned to bring over.

They do not just help you with moving them because they do a lot more.

This does not mean you do not have responsibilities that you need to do for them. You have to keep them informed of items that may need additional help with. For example, if you have any equipment, or if you need tools for furniture, or even when you need additional movers. They should be told every single thing that is vital to make all of your job easier.

Also, you should also think of having snacks and drinks ready, regardless if the help you are getting is paid, and most especially if it is voluntary.


One more thing that you should not wait for later. This will include companies that provide your utilities, your bank, your employer, and even the post office. Every single one vital to keeping your life moving; every one of them important to your “adulting” life.

Moving into a new house is common and daunting. However, you can always find ways to ease the pain of this process.