If you’re wondering how much your scrap car is worth, you’ve come to the right place.

Many people are unsure how to estimate the value of the old car lying around in their yard. If you’re one of those people who has a scrap car rusting away inside your garage, then it’s time to make some extra cash and get rid of that old junk to declutter your space. You can research online for nearby car removal companies in your area, such as Cash For Cars Hamilton which can provide a quotation for your scrap car.

Now, you may feel motivated in finding out the value of your scrap car, to determine how much extra cash you can gain from it.

You don’t have to wonder, as this article will show you all the important factors that Cash for Cars uses to estimate the value of a scrap car.

How Cash For Cars Hamilton Value Your Scrap Car - vhenicle, scrap metal, scrap, insurance, cars

Here are some tips to find out how much your scrap car is worth in just a few minutes:

1. The Car’s Model/ Year It Was Made

The most important factor in determining how much your scrap car is worth is the year it was manufactured. While some car models do not change much yearly, others have a few parts that are very rare. On that account, a scrap car that is 10 years old or more is not worth as much as a comparable model made in a different year. To maximize the price, you’ll get for your scrap car, contact several scrap yards and find out their current market value.

2. Demand For Parts

In most cases, scrap cars can be a valuable part of a salvaged car project. The exact value of your scrap car depends on many factors, including its size, weight, and the state of the scrap metal. If you’re not sure how much your scrap car is worth, search online for car parts that are in demand in the market. The higher the demand, the higher your payout will be. So, whether you’re looking to sell a car or sell it as scrap, it’s important to do your research.

The going rate of a scrap car at Cash for Cars depends on its year and the demand for its parts. Older and common cars are valued more than rare ones. However, materials used in cars change over time. In this day and age, more eco-friendly materials are being used, so cars from certain years may contain parts that are no longer in demand in more recent models.

That said, this might make it difficult to determine the value of the parts in your scrap car. Nevertheless, you can get a good quote by comparing scrap prices in several scrap yards.

How Cash For Cars Hamilton Value Your Scrap Car - vhenicle, scrap metal, scrap, insurance, cars

3. Current Price Of Scrap Metal

Scrap metal prices fluctuate daily. Copper, for instance, can sell for close to USD$3 a pound, while low-grade copper is worth only one-tenth of that amount. Brass, which is typically used for plumbing fixtures, can fetch upwards of USD$1.44 a pound. The scrap metal price varies by type, so it’s a good idea to check the price before taking your metal to a scrap yard.

The scrap metal price will vary depending on the metal type, size, and quantity. You can easily check the price per pound by looking up its current value in the scrap metal market. Depending on the kind of metal you are selling, you can even save money by choosing a custom size. Scrap metal prices can also be found in custom apps that give real-time insight into the scrap metal industry.

4. Condition Of Vehicle

In any Cash For Cars company, the condition of your car will determine its worth. While a pristine and good-conditioned car will fetch the highest cash value, a rusted and beaten-up one won’t bring you a lot of money. That’s because each of these cars will be useful for different reasons to the buyer.

If they’ll be able to restore it and get it working again then for that reason, you get paid more. However, they will still factor in how much they expect the repairs to cost them. You’ll be paid slightly less if the car is now only useful for its scrap metal parts and the buyer will still need to strip it down.

For a good price, you should consider selling it early before all important parts may suffer due to wear and tear, plus environmental elements among other things, and may start to rust. Always remember that the better shape your car is, the better it will be valued.

5. Location

All prices and factors affecting prices differ from location to location, just like scrap metal prices. Also, some cars tend to be more popular in certain regions and this demand will affect how much your car is resold for and also if its parts will be in demand if placed separately on the market.

Another important thing in regards to location is how far you are in relation to the scrap car buyer. Your junk car will need to be transported to the buyer’s premises and so they will be considering that pending expense when they value your car.


Cash For Cars Hamilton considers a number of factors before arriving at a price for your scrap car. To help you understand how your scrap car gets valued, this article has given you the most important things they consider.