You love your pets. You make sure they get the exercise they need, provide them toys, play with them, brush them and give them treats because every day they give you unconditional love. Your cuddle time with your fuzzy buddies has developed an unbreakable bond. When it comes to our pets they are more to us than just animals, they are our companions, our friends, our family and we would do anything to ensure they get to live a long happy life by giving them the right diet. The life of our fuzzy friends is one of the most valuable relationships we can have and one that can never be replaced. We want to bring them along the journey of our lives for as long as possible and that means making sure they get the best nutrition we can supply them. We want our family to be happy and taken care of and our pets are no different that is why we give you these tips on how you can give them the proper care they need to live out happy lives alongside you. Bivvy offers great affordable pet insurance, so make sure you consider that as part of your wider plans, as well.

Control Feeding

One of the best things you can do for your pet is to control their meals. Give them exact amount they need based on their weight and nutritional needs. If you are unsure what or how much you should feed then ask your local veterinarian for the proper food regimen for your pet. You should also keep your pet’s basic instincts in mind when you feed them. For example, dogs are scavengers by nature therefore, they have a tendency to gorge themselves because they never know when to expect their next meal, no matter how often you feed them. This instinct embedded deep within their brain and dogs could overeat themselves to an early grave if they are allowed to. It’s up to the owners to pay due diligence when it comes to how much goes into their bowls.

Love Animals? Here's Some Tips On Keeping Your Dog Healthy! - Pet, food, animals


We all want to see our pets be happy and nothing is more rewarding than giving them their favorite treats or table scraps but this could be at the cost of their health. Too many treats could mean you are giving them too many calories. You can cook your own treats that are made from ingredients that are healthy for them to consume and as your dog ages you can look into supplements. Dogs have varying nutrition needs just like a human does. For example, we often take different pills to help with our muscles aches and pains and you can do the same for a pet by using various hip and joint supplements for dogs. As for table scraps, some human food can be deadly for certain animals or cause unhealthy weight gain. It is best to research what food would be healthy to feed your pet and what foods should be avoided at all costs. You can grab Innovetpet mobility support, it’s just a great supplement for hip and joints to all ages of dogs. Remember that the secrets to a long living pet are healthy eating habits.

Love Animals? Here's Some Tips On Keeping Your Dog Healthy! - Pet, food, animals

Learn How to Read Food Labels

Each type of animal requires different needs and if you give them the wrong diet than it could result in health issues. Every proud owner wants what is best for their pet’s well-being and that is why we must play our part in assuring that, by reading the labels of the food we purchase because not all pet food has all the proper nutrients your fuzzy pal needs. It’s important that you recognize all the ingredients in your pet food because we owe it to them to give them the very best. Educate yourself about your pet’s nutritional needs so you can make better food choices for your small or large furry family member. Learn what the ingredients are to ensure that it’s not only safe for them to eat but meets all their health needs.

Each household pet has their own unique personality that makes them apart of the family and that can never be replaced. This is why we will do everything to guarantee they remain healthy pets.If you feel lost in what food you should be giving your pet when in doubt consult with a veterinarian, Ph.D. nutritionist you can trust, and get recommendations on what brands are healthy eating, and well-balanced. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our best pal possessing the energy to play all day and have healthy, soft, shiny, coats. When you can understand what portions to give your pet, and what sources they should be receiving their protein, carbs, vitamins, and minerals, and what brands you can trust to provide that need then your pet is in great hands.