Want to change the cushions in your living room?  Cushions come in various sizes and textures. Hence you need to look out for particular features based on what you want. Let’s first look at the features then be fully guided on how many cushions on a couch you will need.

Know These Basics When Choosing Cushions - sofa, pattern, Living room, home decor, cushion, couch, color

Some of these features include:

  • Cushions with contrasting colors attract. For example grey and black, striped on plain, black, and white. All these are a small percentage of the numerous colors that can contrast but still look classic.
  • Tone down the various colors already in your living room. You can have bright or dark shades. This technique will work exceptionally well with neutrals
  • Use fabrics with beautiful patterns such as suede, fur, or velvet for a splendid look. Add texture with woven beaded or embroidered cushions from reputable stores.
  • Have cushions of different sizes, patterns, and colors.

Now let’s have a look at how many cushions are needed on different sofas.

A two-seater couch

A maximum of four cushions works best. If you choose two then place them at each end of the couch or closer towards the center. This is mostly for people who want an elegant but simple look.

If you decide to use three cushions, then vary the texture size color, and shape. All according to your preferences. You can also mix bold colors with outstanding patterns.

You can also use four cushions when deciding how many cushions on a couch will be suitable. You can have two pairs. One bigger pair in bold color and a smaller pair in striking patterns.

A three-seater couch

Balancing is what is needed when deciding the number of cushions to put on a three-seater couch. You can have a maximum of six cushions.

If you decide on putting three, then put two on one end and one on the other. They can vary on the texture and size. However, if you decide to put four, have the larger pair stand out with a bold color to make the smaller pair have patterns with at least one color similar to the larger ones. Now, place a pair consisting of one large and one small on each side of the couch.

Having five cushions in a well-balanced manner not only makes the couch lively but avoids any jumble. The cushions should be in different patterns and colors. Then place two at each end and another one at the center.

A corner couch

Due to the varying sizes of corner coaches, the cushions can be more than nine.

While using four cushions, make two of them large with similar colors and place them at each end of the couch. Then the remaining two should be small with patterns or bold color and placed at the center

Most homes use nine cushions. With three at each end and the remaining three at the Centre. They are placed starting from the largest coming forward.

Getting to decide how many cushions on couch will be most suitable, the size of the sofa comes into play.