You can love your home’s front door or any other door leaf again. You don’t have to replace the product with a new one; just upgrade the existing one! Today, let’s consider the installation of interior wood doors with glass panels, which helps to completely change the room’s look and add a touch of elegance there.

Reasons to add glass to interior doors

Designers develop interior design solutions that delight and surprise the general public. The interior design follows ever-changing trends. As a result, not only styles and colors but also interior doors are constantly changing.

When asked if they can add glass to the existing door, designers unanimously answer yes. So instead of classic wooden models, you can safely install stylish, bold glass designs. And here are the most common reasons to do it now!

Universal design

Door glass has a unique appearance. Designs differ in color, texture, degree of transparency, or haze effect. You can safely forget about paint burnout, corrosion, damage, and deformation due to excessive moisture by installing glass doors.


The glass surface can easily cope with sudden temperature changes and climatic precipitation. Such structures are ideal for their outer part to come out and come into contact with the cold and the inner part to keep warm.

Reliability and durability

Glass structures are incredibly reliable and durable, as proven in practice. Although the stereotypes and prejudices drive many to say that this material is fragile, easily damaged, and therefore unreliable for making doors, manufacturers hold a different opinion. Therefore, only thick, strong glass is used in production. To damage it, you will have to make a lot of effort.

Unpretentiousness in the care

If you have decided to use a glass insert, you don’t have to think about how to take care of the leaf. It’s almost dust-free. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly material. You don’t have to worry about hazardous substances being released when exposed to sunlight, such as heat.

Another significant plus is aesthetics. Such aisles will not only highlight the interior but also give the design originality and individuality and make the apartment more accessible and comfortable.

Can I add glass to any door?

Is it possible to add glass to an existing door? - improvement, home, Front door, door

A door glass insert is a piece of glass that needs to be inserted into the center part of the door. If you decide to add glass to an existing front door, it is a good idea. This way, you can significantly increase the amount of natural sunlight in the house.

You can do this, thereby creating an attractive design, especially when working with decorative material. Almost all types of these products on the market are constructed of fiberglass, steel, or wood, and they all support the use of glass door inserts.

Fiberglass and steel doors are indispensable when trying to add door glass. Wooden doors can be a little more complicated as more panel designs and sizes are available. You can always contact the “United Porte” company before ordering this material for a wood door. The employees will help you choose the right size so that, in the end, the leaf looks beautiful and harmonizes with the surroundings.

How to choose glass for your door?

Doors with glass must meet several requirements. In particular, they concern the glass itself:

  • It should be more robust and thicker than conventional window glass because this guarantees its increased resistance to impact;
  • Safety comes first for a child’s room – in this case, it is worth thinking about a tempered piece. In the event of a strong blow, it can break, but without large splinters that could damage the child;
  • It is not desirable to purchase fully tinted glass for the children’s room, and it is better to leave it transparent on one side.

If you are considering adding glass to the interior door, the choice is usually made with appearance and specific practical considerations in mind. Remember that clear glass is suitable for the kitchen, especially if the door leads into the hallway, which requires additional lighting. The tinted version is ideal for the leaves leading into the study or living room. A mirrored leaf will fit perfectly into the bedroom. Matte samples are considered universal. Many people associate them with office spaces, but they can look great at home and in any room.

Is it possible to add glass to an existing door? - improvement, home, Front door, door

What’s suitable for the front door?

As already mentioned, glass inserts perform several functions. The leaves with them look more spectacular because this material divides the space in the room and, at the same time, is not a barrier to light. Moreover, through the transparent insertion of the front door, it is possible to look outside without using the door peephole or, for example, look into the nursery without interrupting play or homework.

Is it possible to add glass to an existing door? - improvement, home, Front door, door

The light that comes through the door leaf insert often serves as an additional illumination source. It applies not only to the front door but also to the interior door. For example, if the bedroom is on the sunny side, a glass insert in the door leaf can provide light for a darkened corridor.

Adding glass to front doors can be of the following types:

  1. Triplex – thick, obtained by gluing together a particular polymer film of two or more organic or silicate glass.
  2. Reinforced – due to the metal mesh inside, it looks like it is divided into small squares. Damage to it is not a problem, but if it breaks, only a few squares can fly out of it. It’s perfectly safe.
  3. Tempered is made from ordinary sheet glass by tempering in a special furnace. This material is slightly inferior in reliability to the previous two, but its price will be lower. It is complicated to damage, but if it happens, there will be no small splinters with sharp edges.

Interior and exterior glass leaves with glass inserts fit perfectly into any interior, and the combination of glass and wood will give enormous scope for design fantasies!

How to add glass to the door?

The question of how to add glass to the door arises when you want to make a difference in the interior, to add uniqueness and originality to the room. First, you must prepare everything, measure the leaf, mark the cutting area, then cut the hole. You can study the information if you want to learn more about the installation.

Final words

Doors with glass are a practical but very aesthetic element of the interior. They can make the room visually brighter and more spacious. And there are many great design options. For example, the glass in interior doors can be plain, matte, corrugated, colored, decorated with ornaments, or imitation mosaics. Their shape can also be different.