Christmas is such a special time of year, filled with magic and nostalgia. And one of the reasons we feel this way during December is due to our traditions. The things we do year in year out that remind us of times gone by, activities that have strong associations to loved ones and family. When you get older and start a family of your own, it’s lovely to continue with the traditions you grew up with as well as start some yourself too. But it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start, you might ask yourself, what will be memorable and meaningful? Christmas is an expensive time of year and so it’s never too early to start thinking about it, so here are some ideas to plan for the festive period.

Fun Family Traditions to Start at Christmas Time - tradition, family, Christmas time

Christmas Eve Boxes

Christmas eve boxes are a slightly newer tradition that have become more popular in recent years. As a child, Christmas eve can be so full of suspense that it becomes almost unpleasant- the Christmas eve box gives kids something to do and occupy themselves while waiting for the big day. You could add things like a family game, colouring, tasty treats and a letter from Santa. You can get really creative with it or just keep it simple, either way they’re great fun to put together and something your children will absolutely love.

Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf is another newer tradition that has become really popular. There are Facebook groups and articles dedicated to Elf ideas and it’s a fantastic way to add even more magic to the festive period. Again, get super creative or just keep it simple, the wonderful thing about traditions is that you make them the way you want them and go with what works for your family. Regardless of budget, time or skill level it’s something you could try, simply purchase an Elf on the Shelf doll and give it a go in December.

Matching Christmas Pajamas

Wearing matching Christmas pajamas is a cute Christmas tradition, you can find companies that offer these in all sizes from tiny newborn to large adult sizes. You can even get pets involved- just check these out! Snap some beautiful family pictures in your matching getup by the tree, for your social media, Christmas card or family album. Watch some Christmas movies together and enjoy the novelty- if you have extended family like aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents come over you could even get them to join in.

A Festive Trip

So many places have incredible events on during December. From Pantos to Christmas markets, light shows, Santas grottos and so much more. How about travelling to another city or even going on a mini break before Christmas? This can be a large expense, especially during a time of the year which already costs a lot. But if you start thinking about it now, you can save and plan and know that everything is covered in plenty of time.

What festive traditions do you enjoy over Christmas time? Do you do any of these?