Is your home in Hamilton just a place for you to hang your hat after a long day at the salt mines? Do you find yourself more interested in what you are wearing rather than what hangs on your walls? Do you flip over HGTV to get to Sports Center?

Interior Design Lessons Everyone Should Know - utilize, splash of black, Plants, lessons, interior, function, design, decorate, clutter

Maybe you have heard about silos in Waco, but have no desire to travel there.

While it may feel that everyone around you spends lots of time and money perfecting their living spaces, you want to make simple, deliberate design choices in your home so that it feels comfortable to you, your family, and your guests.

Here are some basic design ideas to keep in mind that will help you upgrade the look of your home.

Get Rid of Clutter

It doesn’t matter how well decorated your home is if your family and guests can’t enjoy it through the clutter. In fact, adding decorative objects to a cluttered home adds to the chaotic atmosphere.

Before you decorate, try to simplify your existence. Instead of thinking that a new wall system from Ikea will help you “get organized,” go through your items and decide what you can live without.

Pay Attention to Function

If you are new to decorating, you may feel tempted to run to the home décor section at Target and buy everything that matches. Before you come home with hundreds of dollars of fake plants, wall hangings, and candles, first think about your space.

What is the purpose of each room? Are you able to perform your task in each space comfortably? Does everything in the place have an assigned spot? Where does clutter collect? Are your workspaces well lit?

Before you think about the frivolous pieces that you associate with “decorating,” make sure each room is functional.

Decorate with Meaning

Once you have space in your home to decorate, look through the items you already own.

Do you have an antique tea set from your great grandmother? Perhaps you want to find a spot in your kitchen to display it instead of having it packed away in the attic.

Did you have pieces of art or collections that you have purchased while traveling? It’s time to arrange those items somewhere in your home, so they give you joy each day.

Add a Splash of Black

It doesn’t matter what your décor style is, adding a few touches of black to a room adds a sense of depth to the space. Use a black frame around your artwork or add a black bookcase or throw pillow.

Don’t Forget the Plants

Plants do so much to spruce up a room. They improve air quality and soften austere spaces. There are plenty of easy-to-care-for plants that even you can keep alive.

Utilize Your Friends

Perhaps you have a friend who has similar tastes. Ask this person to help you hang pictures on the wall or arrange items on a shelf. Pricey decorators aren’t for everyone.

Most importantly, your home should reflect your personality. Decorate with items you like instead of things that are popular. If you’re looking for houses for sale in Hamilton, chances are good you’ll respond well to a home that’s staged well with interior decoration to give you the best idea of the house’s potential.