It’s 2022, and pickup trucks aren’t just for men – women drive them, too! But can a pickup truck be girly? Sure it can. If you’re a truck girl, you probably want to express your feminine side in how you decorate your truck.

How to Make Your Truck More Girly - women, truck, girl, car

Fortunately, it’s easy to make the inside (and outside) of your truck look a little more feminine. You can use many of the same supplies you’d use to decorate any car. A little glitter here, a few car eyelashes there, and your pickup truck will be as girly as you are.

Personalize Your Mirror

Some pickup trucks don’t have a vanity mirror under the driver’s side sun visor, so this should be the first thing you add if you want to add your own touches to your truck. You’ll need it to apply a last-minute layer of lipstick, fix your hair, or check your teeth. And there are plenty of options available for aftermarket truck vanity mirrors that you can attach to the back of your sun visor. You can get a simple, plain mirror, or something fancier with LED lights around the edges and a touch screen.

Freshen Up the Cab

If your car smells bad, it won’t matter how many glittery things you have in there – it’s still going to smell bad. Grab some girly car air fresheners to make your truck’s cab smell fantastic and cram in some more feminine bling. You can shop online for personalized air fresheners – hang a scented photo of your partner and kids from the rearview mirror. Choose a cute, rhinestone-encrusted air freshener diffuser that clips to the air vent. Grab a handful of cute car air fresheners on sale at Bath and Body Works. There are so many options here, it’s hard to go wrong.

Add Some Car Coasters

A set of car coasters can really put a woman’s touch on the inside of your truck cab. You can buy glitter car coasters in every color under the sun, with patterns printed on them, or personalized with your name. They fit into the bottom of your cup holders and soak up any moisture from condensation or spills, so your cup holders don’t get all sticky and gross. And because they come in so many colors, you can always change them to suit your mood or the season.

Cover Up

One of the easiest things you can do to completely change the entire look of your truck’s cab is get some seat covers. You can get covers for bucket and bench seats in a range of more feminine colors and patterns, like pink leopard print, Hello Kitty, or even lacy, floral designs. Tie the look together with matching steering wheel and shifter covers.

Buy New Floor Mats

Floor mats are an easy way to protect your car’s upholstery from dust, dirt, and spills, and they can also be an important decorative element. Ditch the plain black floor mats that came with your truck. Choose a new set of floor mats that go with your new seat covers.

Light It Up

Some LED lights can take your truck decor up a few notches. Decorate the interior of your truck cab with LED lights under the rear seats. On the outside of your truck, add some underglow lighting. Just make sure to choose a feminine color, like pink or purple.

Swap Out Your Rims

If you’re willing to spend a little more money on making your truck look girly, you can swap out your plan, boring factory rims for prettier truck rims. You can buy truck rims in all kinds of colors, including pink, blue, gold, and purple – all perfectly respectable choices if you’re looking for a more feminine truck rim to add a feminine touch to the outside of your truck.

Invest in a Trailer Hitch Cover

Covering your trailer hitch can keep moisture and debris out, protect the trailer hitch from rust, and help your hitch last longer. It’s also an opportunity to add some feminine mystique to the exterior of your truck. You can shop online at retailers like to find unique trailer hitch covers in a wide range of designs or with personalization available. For example, you could get a diamond crystal-covered trailer hitch cover or a trailer hitch cover with a picture of your dog on it.

Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you can’t drive a truck – and just because you’re driving a truck doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it with all your favorite girly bling. Hang an air freshener to make your truck smell fresher, and invest in some decorative seat covers and floor mats, and you’ll soon have a truck that’s as tough, but as feminine, as you are.