There’s nothing quite like the rush and exhilaration of updating your kitchen. It’s almost like creating a baby, albeit a large one full of gadgets and patterns. However, there are always daunting aspects of kitchen plumbing which can even put a level-headed person under stress.

One of the most stressful scenarios has to do with the cost of moving kitchen plumbing. Yes, there is a cost involved with appliances and new fittings, but that’s something you can control. When it comes to plumbing, much of it’s out of your control. There are guidelines and standards to be followed. But you don’t necessarily have to leave everything up to your kitchen plumber.

By simply maintaining charge, you can ensure that everything is always under control. Research and preparation will have you at the helm, and not following along. You’ll have the confidence to keep your costs low with kitchen plumbers.

Know What Appliances you Want

One thing under your control is the selection of kitchen appliances. And we don’t just mean the toaster or kettle, but big items such as the fridge, freezer and dishwasher. Depending on the size of your home, you may also have to include the washing machine and/or dryer in the kitchen layout.

Clearly determine whether you plan to keep existing appliances or hope to purchase new ones. The dimensions of a fridge, especially, will dictate much of the design.

Meanwhile, the need to plumb in appliances creates additional work. Certain fridges require a water pipe connection, while all dishwashers and washing machines obviously do. Their coordination with the kitchen sink is also going to influence the long term convenience.

Expect some Compromises

Unfortunately, there will be compromises. Renovations on larger kitchens average around $22,000, while smaller kitchens cost close to $15,000. There are unavoidable costs, especially when appliance upgrades and premium products are included.

Now, bear in mind that those costs depend on the work being done. A simple dishwasher addition will cost far less than relocating large scale appliances and plumbing in a fridge, washing machine and adding metres of copper piping. So, if you’re looking at a project with a very strict budget, expect to make some compromises on what you hope to achieve overall.

How To Keep Costs Low With Kitchen Plumbers - plumbing, plumbers, kitchen, costs

Minimise Rearranging the Kitchen Plumbing Layout

If you’re wondering about just how much does plumbing cost, remember that rearranging existing plumbing in the kitchen will add most of the cost. That’s why the most cost effective measure is to utilise existing plumbing and water connections.

For example, adding an island bench which requires kitchen sink plumbing quickly raises the cost. The most likely way to achieve this is by digging up the floor and installing new pipework. Also consider the additional costs of kitchen plumbing as well as gas fittings. Copper piping and other materials aren’t going to come cheap.

BUT! If you definitely want an island bench with a new sink and dishwasher, then be prepared. It’s a well-earned luxury, regardless of the cost.

Feel free to speak to a plumber before any work begins so you know what to expect. They can guide you through the best potential transformation and outcome.

Plan Ahead for Renovations, Not for Emergency Plumbing

When you can plan ahead and organise kitchen plumbing work with plenty of time, you’ll avoid late expenses. Although, be sure to get any early quotes signed off and in writing.

The last thing you want is a plumber who will slug you with higher prices for emergency work if something goes wrong. Or in the worst case, you forgot to address an issue early on. So don’t go around looking for an emergency plumber and their higher charges. Look for a reputable name that tackles general plumbing maintenance, renovations, upgrades and more. They’ll give you the best advice and price for kitchen plumbing.

Consider Recycled and Second-Hand Furnishings

One of the best ways for you to lower the overall cost of bathroom renovations or upgrades is by using recycled or second-hand materials elsewhere. Think vintage cabinets, and cupboards which have been repurposed for a second lease on life. You can also utilise DIY creations such as a bar trolley or wooden stools.

Meanwhile, it’s also possible to snap up unused benchtops and materials for a bargain price. Yes, granite or marble seem like absolute goals, but modern stone benchtops or even laminate are just as long lasting. Just don’t go for outdated colours or trends which will age very quickly.

Online marketplaces are full of people selling kitchen products which have not been used, while manufacturers always have leftovers that are below the usual asking price. So if you’re planning to spend a little more with the cost of moving kitchen plumbing, recycle and repurpose to balance!

How To Keep Costs Low With Kitchen Plumbers - plumbing, plumbers, kitchen, costs

Go for a Professional Kitchen Plumber from the Start

It’s easy to say you can do some DIY plumbing, or hire your best friend’s uncle who does some plumbing on the side. But when something goes wrong, such as a leaking pipe, you’ll be in big trouble.

Avoid any issues by calling a professional plumber from the start. Using a licensed plumber, electrician or gas fitter ensures all work completed is under warranty and will not void any potential insurance claims. And with proper research you can rest assured the tradesperson you call for your kitchen plumbing is going to get the job done. You won’t be left chasing up a mate when the water connection is half finished and your fridge can’t fit in the space you wanted it to.