Wish to dye your hair in a brand new color? You need to take notice into a few aspects on you! It is your skin color and your eye color. And third – your wishes. By keeping a better look at these, you won’t miss the shot and always get the best hair color for you. Want to be?


First: eye coloring is the perfect adviser

We can begin the journey of the right hair color from your eyes. It is quite simple to choose it since all you need to do is to make a mirror and start looking at it.

For example, if you have brown or hazel eyes, darker shades of brown will look great on you. Try a chocolate brown or a rich espresso brown for the best look for sure. Also, girls with such eye colors can bravely pull every single shade there is. It is because brown is the best neutral color ever that works perfectly with all kinds of other shades. Also, since hazel eyes have a little bit of brown in it too, all color shades can be just perfect too. So just be brave and try to experiment with your looks. You probably will end up just fine!

On the other hand, if you have gray or blue eyes that mean you will look cooler in light or ash colors. You can try a light golden blond or ash blond hair color to create an icy look. If you really want to pull dark black looks, honestly reconsider that. It might make you look pale and little vampire like – but if you are looking for this look it is quite alright then.


Second: identify which skin complexion you have and start choosing

Let’s say that there are only two types of skin colors: warm and cold. It is quite  easy to detect which one you have. All you need to do is to take a look at your veins on your wrists. If it slightly green – you are a warm toned girl. If it is bluish – then definitely cold.

The basic trick many stylish do after detecting these is playing with opposites for a bolder look. For instance, if you skin is cooler, then pull warmer shades like brown or red. If you are more like a warm complexion – try to pull blond looks and you might be surprised how great you can look. Also, always match it with your eye color for the best overall look.


Third: choose what you want

This is the most important tip for sure. You really need to listen what you want and kind of forget that all stylists say. If you wish to be blond – go for it. If you were dreaming about being a red head – why not do that too? In fact, hair color is not a thing you are going to stick with for your whole life. It is pretty easy to dye it in another color without a problem.  You should be brave and experiment with your looks – this is the only way you can find the right color for sure.

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