While we spent most of 2020 inside, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to show off your newest outfits in the next few months! If you haven’t seen your friends or family in a while, you probably want to look extra good when you see them. In this article, we give you more info on some of the clothing trends for men in 2021 and which pieces are absolute must-buys.

4 Clothing Trends For Men In 2021 - trends, nautical, men, dress shirts, comfortable, Clothing, bold bombers, 2021

Nautical themes

Every couple of years, nautical comes back. If you still have striped shirts or nautical-themed clothes in the back of your closet, it’s time to dig them out! Wear them with pride and think of yourself on a yacht this summer …

Comfortable clothes for working from home

If you’ve worked from home before, you might notice that wearing your usual office attire at home can be hard. Maybe your suit vest annoys you or the button of your trousers digs into your belly. If you have no online meetings, working in your pjs is an option, but that often doesn’t make you very productive. A good in-between is wearing business attire that’s also comfortable. If you spend some money on clothes, we recommend buying great fabrics. Think of for instance a men’s woollen sweater (Dutch: wollen trui heren), which feels like you’re working in your pjs, but looks great if you have online meetings. And not unimportant: you can still wear this at the office! Are you a V-Neck (Dutch: V hals trui heren) sweater or scoop neck sweater kind of man?

Bold bombers

The bomber jacket is back! If you’ve always wanted to give your twist on Tom Cruise’s iconic Top Gun look or if you like a jacket to make a statement, this is a trend that you’ll like. Choose a bold bomber, that will draw everyone’s attention. Whether you choose a bomber in one color or a multicolored one with tons of stitching and frizzles, everything is possible in 2021!

Dress shirts with a little extra

If you have to wear a dress shirt for work, that doesn’t mean your outfit has to be boring! In 2021, dress shirts can be a bit quirky. Choose a shirt with a funky motif or a floral shirt (florals are another trend of 2021!). You can also opt for a dress shirt with ‘a little extra’, e.g. with a special shape or cut. Another statement look that’s super fun, is wearing a dress shirt over a vest or a t-shirt.

What trends are you excited for?