Montreal is a flourishing city that offers just about everything you could want no matter what you’re into. For city living, there are few places as vibrant to live, even considering its harsh winters.

If you’re a young professional, you’ll want to find the perfect neighborhood that has everything you need and want to live the urban life.

In this article, I will highlight a few neighborhoods and what makes them unique so you can find the perfect place to live based on your needs and wants.

5 Best Places To Live In Montreal If You’re Single - student, montreal, living, home

The Village

This is the gay quarter of Montreal, but you don’t have to be gay to want to live here. If you love quirky neighborhoods with a Bohemian feel then this is the place for you.

It is popular with artists and creative types so if you are looking for artwork to decorate your apartment, then this should be the first stop.

You’ve got everything you need in this area from shopping to eating out, so there is little need to leave except to head out of town. It’s a great neighborhood if you’re car free as there are easily accessible rentals near UQAM University for hiring a car for the day.


This is the commercial district of Montreal, but also one of the most charming neighborhoods due to its Victorian architecture and access to the river.

If you are a professional looking to be in the center of business activity, then this should be at the top of your list.

It is far from being a sterile business district as it has museums, water parks and is close to the universities so it has a young vibe.

Old Montreal

If you want to feel like you are living in Europe then this is the neighborhood for you. With it’s 17th century architecture, it is very reminiscent of parts of Paris.

There are a lot of museums and plenty of gresat restaurants. And it is very accessible to other parts of the city due to its proximity to metro lines.

It is very touristy, however, so you’ll have to get used to sharing your quarter with crowds of people. Not to mention it is one of the most expensive districts in the city to live.

Rosemont La Petite-Patrie

If you love the conveniences of city life, but still want easy access to green areas, then this is the perfect location for you.

Outdoorsy types love living here for the 55 parks scattered around, plus community gardens and even 11 outdoor skating rinks.

Spend your free time outside without needing to travel far and then head into the center for some nightlife or work. It is truly the best of both worlds.


This is home to Canada’s oldest and second largest Jewish community. It has a lot of excellent bakeries and delis and a great spot for city living.

There are no schools in this district so there are few families here. Which can be good if you’re single, but not good if you are looking for someplace to settle down with a family later on.