You can never go wrong with a painting or two. Having works of art around the house adds a touch of sophistication and culture. But when you’re out canvassing for the right portrait or still life piece to complement your home, you need to know where to start looking.

You have full control over the look of your home, and it is crucial to choose a statuette or painting that suits the underlying theme you are pursuing.

Here are some of the best tips that will help you find the best artworks for your house.

Local auctions

The best places to find genuine works of art are auctions. If you don’t mind spending a great deal for an original piece by an established talent, you can search for auction schedules around town and register. Quality-wise, you can always get your hands on a rare find granting there’s no one there to out bid you.

10 Ways to Find the Best Art Pieces for Your Home - home decor, home, expenses, art work, art pieces


It’s very likely that you will find a local artist who can do an original work on a commission basis. An added advantage is when you know the artist personally. In that case, you can always negotiate for a more amenable price depending on the scope and size of the project. One thing’s for sure, it’s much easier than coming up with the terms for real estate owner finances.

Online stores

You can also find quality pieces online. Sites like DeviantArt and Behance are often the best places to look for any piece of art. On a side note, purchasing a piece of art online can be expensive, especially if the piece is shipped from abroad.

Consult an expert

Not sure if you can get the best deal for a work of art? You can always discuss your plans with someone who knows the business of the art world. Try to consult an experienced art buyer or a curator to help you select a good work of art for less.

10 Ways to Find the Best Art Pieces for Your Home - home decor, home, expenses, art work, art pieces

Visit community events

Cultural events in the neighborhood are also great places where you can find paintings and other works that can go with the overall aesthetic of your home. Though, most of the artworks featured in these events were done by underdogs, you can still find something that stands out.

Get your expenses together

As an aside, you need to have a steady flow of income if you go on buying paintings or commissioning murals for your interior walls. With that being said, it’s essential that you have the right amount of resources to fuel your spending spree. Otherwise, you can settle for with minimal budget for buying whatever fits the overall feel of your home.

Learn what works and what doesn’t

The best way to appraise a work of art is to become an expert in the field yourself. This can be possible by exposing yourself to art-related literature and media. You will eventually develop a more eclectic taste. Moreover, you will become more discerning of the type of artwork that rightly suits your aesthetic vision.