Home DIY Essentials – Must-Have Products To Keep About The House - improvement, home, diy

Do you fancy yourself a dab hand at DIY? Whether you like to take on small jobs around the home like installing a shelf, fixing a leaky pipe or painting a gate or have the skills to take on larger home improvement projects, a critical component of success is ensuring that you are equipped to do the job.

A fully stocked toolbox with a hammer, screwdriver set, drill, nails, spanner and a tape measure is a start but the “tools” you need don’t stop there. There are some key products that also crop up frequently to undertake typical DIY products. Here’s our list of the 5 home DIY essentials you should always have about the home:

Super Glue

Top of the list of essentials is Super Glue – perhaps the DIY product that is used most frequently of all. Super Glue is your life-saver when making repairs around the home, providing a strong bond between a range of materials including glass, leather, ceramic, metal, wood and even certain plastics.

Super Glue is also your friend when you want to mount wood or shelves temporarily, fix handles or keep shower hooks or caddies in place.


Another absolute DIY must-have to keep about the house is a quality sealant. Sealant is the fast, effective solution for repairing cracks in pipes, securing the joints of pipes, closing up gaps in windows or doors, tiling and much more.

Securing a 2-in-1 seal and bond product for your DIY tool kit is a wise choice if you want to get the job done right, providing a mold and mildew resistant seal and a long-lasting bond. Ideally you should purchase sealants for both interior and exterior use so you are always prepared to tackle the job at hand.


Don’t confuse polyfilla and sealant to be one of the same – it’s not a case of having “either/or” in the home, you actually need both in your DIY tool kit. When it comes to filling any holes, cracks or gaps in walls or ceilings, it’s Polyfilla you will need to reach for rather than your seal and bond product.

Polyfilla, also known as Spackle, will blend in with the surrounding area and dry quickly so you can paint over and eliminate any evidence of imperfections.

Wood Filler

Never underestimate how useful it can be to have wood filler to hand in the home. Using a wood filler, you can quickly and easily seal up cracks or damage to wooden doors, panels, shelving and furniture and restore it good as new.

It’s also your saviour when repairing wooden flooring or to smooth wood grain before you stain or paint a wood surface for the first time.

Spray Adhesive

A simple, effective alternative to double sided tape and glue, a spray adhesive is the hassle free solution when fixing floorings, upholstery, fabric, foam, polythene, foils, loose lay materials, cardboard and lots more materials.

It gives flexibility to reposition the material until the adhesive has dried too which can prove all too important for less experienced DIYers.

Today is the day to review your toolbox and ensure you have all of the above products in your kit for future DIY projects. We promise you – these are 5 products that certainly won’t go to waste in the home!