When winter comes, in Northern countries, men and women have to find ways to dress warm before they head out. In Canada, Russia and Iceland, to name a few regions of the world where this is true, it is not rare for the temperature to go down below minus fifteen degrees Celsius. Like their ancestors did before, it is common to see some of them wear fur, to stay warm. Here is a little history that explains why fur is the best way to stay warm, and yet still be stylish.

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The First Business in North America

It is a little-known fact, but the first company to be established in North America, and still exists today, was based on the fur trade. It was located in Canada, and it is called “Hudson Bay.” Sold a few years back to a foreign company, this ex-Canadian company is still in business today. However, it doesn’t trade fur anymore. Today, “Hudson Bay” is a clothes and accessories retailer. But when it started, it was built on fur trades with the Natives, reselling them in Europe as well.

Fur was a necessity for the American Indian living on what is known as Canada today. The various Indian nations populating the land and what is known as northern United States of America in this day and age, used them to stay warm during the long harsh winter. When French and English navigators discovered North America, it didn’t take long for them to start trading with the Natives, mostly for furs. They may have changed through time, but mens fur coat are still today the best way to stay warm in cold weather.

Fur also means elegance and style

It’s no surprise to learn that some of the biggest buyers of fur today are the high-end luxury house, such as Dior. LVMH is one of the most important groups in the industry and their designers love to add fur to their various winter creations. On the runways, men’s fur coats and jackets, and those for women as well, are not a rare sight during fashion weeks in Milano, Paris and London. The fur pellets are tainted in a variety of colours and are used for collars or full-length coats.

Wearing fur is still very fashionable and much appreciated in higher circles. Like a high-end watch or car, fur is part of those luxury items that indicates a certain level of class. Most of all, fur is the best way to keep warm. The fact that you can do that with style is a plus that all men and women will enjoy!