One major downside of following style and fashion is that you tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. In the last few years, minimalism has really taken off as a lifestyle, so why not try out some of our tips to help you declutter and see what it can do to improve your happiness and lifestyle. From last season’s t-shirts to that chair that you never use, here are our favorite smart ways to clear space.

Invest Time, Not Just Money In Storage

Clutter can only exist if you don’t have space to store things; if your bedroom is swamped in clothing or your office is covered in documents, try stepping back and rethinking your storage system. This also means measuring and thinking intelligently about what you might need in terms of storage. Oftentimes, that which we’ve purchased to help us declutter only adds to the mess. The best storage system is one that reflects your own habits and preferences. Determine your needs, get out the measuring tape, and get storage solutions that really solve your clutter problems and as we’ve written about before, you might be surprised by how much space you really have.

5 Smart Ways To Declutter -

Allow Yourself Some Junk, But Not Too Much

There’s always going to awkward stuff, some things that don’t fit, so why not put it all in one place? Though they might be odds and ends, they might be indispensable. If you decide to keep something in your flurry of decluttering, make sure it has a place, even if that place is next to other odd items or awkward pieces of clothing. The principle is to make sure your awkward stuff has a home and one home only.

5 Smart Ways To Declutter -

Sell Your Stuff Online On Your Own Site

Of course, everyone’s tried selling stuff on eBay before, but there’s really no need to turn to those unwieldy and costly giants. Why not set up your own website where you can sell your stuff year round and without the hassle of eBay and Amazon. It’s never been easier to set up your own online store, and there are even a number of services to help you do it. To make the selling process run a little smoother, it helps to keep a box in your wardrobe for all those clothes that are past their prime. When it’s full, simply list the contents on your site in bulk and turn a profit.

5 Smart Ways To Declutter -

Donate Smart

Alternatively, if you’re feeling eco-minded and charitable, why not turn to social media to source groups or organizations that are looking for donations. Most major cities have some from of “Free Your Stuff” Facebook group or charitable donations page and these are often a good place to start. On your mobile, you can enlist the help of apps like GiveIt to clear out old books or clothes.

5 Smart Ways To Declutter -

Don’t Buy So Much Stuff In The First Place

Given that most people only wear 20% of their wardrobe regularly, it’s worth considering just how much you purchase. It goes without saying that if you buy less, you’ll have less clutter. Research suggests that if we purchase something knowing that there’s a minor flaw in it, this will keep us from wearing or using it regularly. Of course, consuming less is just generally good for the environment, so next time you’re shopping and think something’s a little too tight or baggy or the color’s just a little off, do your storage and the world a favor and put it back.