When you are looking for a good way to manage your logistics business, and you need the appropriate trailers. You must ensure that you have found something that can do anything you need. Look a what the flatbed trailer and a forklift can do for you. This is a wonderful way for you to give your drivers an easier way to get their job done, and you can offer customers more options when they receive a delivery or schedule a pickup.

Five Applications Of A Flatbed Truck With Forklift - truck, storage box, pallets, forklift

1. Use The Flatbed Normally

The flatbed with forklift can be used normally, and you need to ensure that you have found a way to keep your trucks on the road. You can use the flatbed normally when you are handling a normal delivery schedule. Plus, you should make sure that you have made allowances for the forklift sitting on the back. You could move the forklift for delivery, or you could unload from the side. You do not want to reserve forklift truck for just a few deliveries.

2. Delivering Pallets

You can deliver pallets to your customers or pick them up with the forklift. The forklift can be pulled off the truck, and you can raise the hooks on the forklift to pull all your pallets off the truck, and you could load the pallets on the truck in the same manner. It is very simple for you to use the forklift for pallets because it can be moved around easily, it is nimble, and it still has the power to lift most loads.

3. Delivering Storage Boxes

The mobile storage craze is a big part of the moving and storage world because it allows customers to load their boxes in their own time, get the boxes picked up at any time, and leave the box in any location for as long as needed. You can send your flatbed with the forklift to pick up the storage boxes at any time, and you can deliver these boxes in the same manner. The flatbed should be long enough to hold all the boxes that you want to deliver, and the flatbed should be wide enough that you can carry wide loads.

If your customers have left the storage box in a location that is hard to reach, you can still access the boxes because you can take the forklift off the truck, driver he forklift to the box, and drive the box back to the flatbed.

4. Delivering Cars

You could use a special forklift with a flat rack to lift and lower cars. The forklift is strong enough to lift most vehicles, and you could lift the car or motorcycle up onto the truck. These forklifts are easy to drive, and they can be put back on the truck with the car. This is especially important when the car is not mobile and you do not want to drag it up the ramp onto the flatbed.

5. Donation Pickups

You may ask the community to leave items out for pickup for donation drives. Most of the items can be picked up by the driver, but large appliances and even cars may need to be picked up with a forklift. If you send out the driver with a forklift on the back of the flatbed, you will find that the driver can pick up many more items on their own. You can send more trucks out for your donation drive, and the forklift is easy to use for new drivers. You can train them on the forklift in no time at all.

The same can be said for bulk junk pickups in your community. If your city or town offers junk pickup, get a truck with forklift that allows the driver to do all the work on their own.

6. Appliance And HVAC Deliveries

Your appliance or HVAC company may not want to use a box truck because you feel as though the driver and their assistant does not have a way of getting all the appliances or devices off the truck. When this is the case, you can get a flatbed that comes with a forklift. You should buy or rent one of these trucks so that you can manage your business in a much better way, and you can improve upon your deliveries and customer service. Plus, the forklift can be used to lift used or old units back onto the truck for disposal.


Someone who would like to buy or rent a flatbed with a forklift should look at how these vehicles can be used. You will find that it is very easy to drive these trucks, use the forklift, and kept the forklift on the back. You save time and money because the truck is so easy to manage, and you can use these vehicles for your installation business, donation drives, storage boxes, and local deliveries.