Dry throat, cough, difficulty breathing, dry skin, and even deteriorated furniture. Did you know that low air humidity causes all this? And it is precisely to solve this problem that air humidifiers exist.

The air humidifier serves to make the air more humid and, consequently, more “breathable”. The World Health Organization warns that the humidity of the air must always be kept at safe levels, around 60% to 80%. Rates below 40% are already worrying and harmful to health.

Therefore, the air humidifier plays a fundamental role in the health of the residents of the house, especially in the hotter and drier regions or in environments where the use of air conditioning is constant. It is also worth remembering that the air humidifier is also highly recommended in large cities that suffer from air pollution.


Benefits of air humidifier

1. Relieves flu and cold symptoms

The air humidifier improves flu and cold symptoms, especially coughing and a dry throat. The use of the device is also indicated to prevent the disease since the dry air is ideal for the proliferation of viruses and bacteria.

2. Improves allergic conditions

Those who suffer from rhinitis, sinusitis, and breathing problems, such as asthma and bronchitis, also benefit greatly from air humidifiers.

The moisture released by the device facilitates the passage of air through the respiratory tract, even helping to reduce mucus.

3. It reduces snoring and helps in the treatment of sleep apnea

The air humidifier is also very suitable for those who have problems with snoring and sleep apnea. This is because the moisture hydrates the airways, reducing the intensity of snoring and the symptoms of the dry throat that harm especially those suffering from sleep apnea.

4. Prevents nosebleeds

Dry air is conducive to the appearance of nosebleeds and the air humidifier can be a great ally for those who suffer from this problem. 


5. Improves sleep quality

Adequate air humidity contributes to a quality night’s sleep, this applies to both babies and children, as well as adults.

So if you want to sleep better, consider using a humidifier. 

6. Favors skin and hair

Skin and hair also appreciate the good humidity levels in the air. On dry days, for example, it is natural for the skin to become dry and the hair to show frizz. To improve this condition, the air humidifier is a great ally. 

7. Protects furniture and walls

Did you know that low air humidity can deteriorate furniture, works of art, musical instruments, in addition to causing the paint to peel off the wall? That’s right!

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