humbleThere is no place like home. Turning a house into your home can only be achieved by adding your unique personal touches to truly make it your home. It can be major or it can be subtle, but it needs to create a factor within the house that is your signature touch. Whether it is frames on the wall or the use of replica furniture, the signature touch needs to have your stamp of approval. If you are stuck for ideas, below are a few tips to define your signature touch in your home.

Play around with colour and design themes.

Are you aware of colours or themes that you enjoy being in? If not, get inspired by checking out different paint colours that will add to the vibrancy of your home. There are plenty of interior colour and design themes available from interior design blogs and magazines. There are also businesses that provide “off the shelf” interior design packages that you can install into the different rooms in your home.

Try different aromas within your home.

The sense of smell can evoke a variety of different feelings and experiences in your home. Consider if you would prefer to have scented candles around the house, or if you would rather have aroma diffusers? Perhaps fresh flowers or potpourri are more your thing? Whatever it may be, a nice scent will give your home a nice sense of warmth, comfort and an added sense of welcoming.

Get that extra personal touch with personal photos.

Photos are your memories. Pictures tell a thousand words and also capture all of the emotions and experiences that were in that single moment. The way the photos are taken and printed can add a nice artistic and personal quality to your home. You can invest in different sized frames and printouts that will provide a different emotional impact in your home.

Radicalise your space with art designs.

Why go for the conventional look when you can experiment with different art designs to truly make your home unique. Consider getting some wall art or sculptures to place around your house. Additionally, artistic furniture can add to the visual aesthetics of your home.

Use your space wisely.

The way you use and create your space can compliment the personal touch that you would like to add to your home. Whether you chose to use some of the learnings from Feng Shui or to utilise the concept of minimalism, it should add to the use of your space overall. The right use of your space should allow you to enjoy your home in more comfort, as it reduces the amount of ‘noise’ and ‘distractions’ within your environment.

Stay entertained!

What is the fun of having your own place if you cannot enjoy yourself? Equip your abode with various entertainment stations that will keep your place fun at all times. Consider investing in an audio and visual entertainment station or purchasing gaming consoles such as a Playstation or Xbox. You could have fun by cooking in a Master Chef style kitchen or becoming the king or queen of the barbeque. Another handy home accessory is a bookshelf that can offer you your own personal library and endless reading entertainment. Get lost in an adventurous book or learn new skills with a collection of guidebooks. Whatever your interest may be, create your ideal space so that you will never feel bored again!

Equipping your humble abode should be fun! And the more personalised it is to your design tastes in both functions and benefits, the more you will enjoy your private space. Brainstorm some design ideas based on your personal tastes, or get inspired by others that share similar interests to you. The world is your oyster. You can bring that world into your humble home!