Have you ever wondered how many businesses lose customers because they have signage that can’t be easily spotted, read or understood from outside their establishment? Then again, how many customers walk out the door after arrival because merchandise wasn’t presented in an organised and attractive manner? Whether you are looking to design the perfect retail sign for exterior placement or smaller retail signs for inside your establishment, it pays to have an idea of the elements that go into effective retail signage.

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Presentation Is the Name of the Game

If a sign doesn’t capture interest, there is little possibility that it will impart any information whatsoever. A customer needs to know who and what you are, what you are selling and of course, cost. High quality outdoor signage can be crafted on a durable acrylic sheet that will withstand the elements and can be cut to literally any size specified. These can be clear acrylic sheets, coloured or even glazed and best of all for outdoor applications, as mentioned above, they are totally weather resistant.

For indoor applications such as cardboard floor displays, the sign must be equally captivating but with more of a sales drive to the design. Outdoor signs are presented in such a way as to inform passers-by that this is the location they are seeking and attractive enough for traffic to want to enter the premises. Indoor signs should display pertinent information so that the customer stops to look at what is being displayed.

Layout, Colour and Graphics

Have you ever stopped to think about those memes you see on Facebook? How many go viral overnight and why do you think that is? Actually, it all begins with a graphic or photo that captures interest. From there the meme will have something interesting or witty to say. Retail signs should follow the same basic principles and there is every likelihood that the inventor of memes was in the retail business at some point. Key elements of memes are the same key elements in effective retail signage.

When having retail signs designed and manufactured for your establishment, remember that they must be attractive enough to immediately capture attention. Some businesses use their logo on each and every sign they have made while others use colour and graphics as a focal point. Bright colours and attractive images draw the eyes and once you have their attention it’s time to sell. This is where what you have to say comes into play. Retail signs, like memes, should be short, sweet and to the point. Give them just enough info to captivate them so that they will inspect the merchandise and now it’s time for your staff to take over.

Great retail signs inside an establishment will prompt a customer to stop and browse the merchandise. Savvy sales personnel observe the customer’s behaviour and when it is evident that there is enough interest in what is being displayed he or she will step up and offer further assistance. So what, then, are the elements of a perfect retail sign? It should be durable, attractive, captivating and informative. From there it’s up to your crew but if the sign did its job, that customer is primed to buy. The ball’s in your court so run with it.