Common Warmer Weather Fashion Mistakes to Avoid - women, polka dot, floral, fashion

Now that winter is over and we’re heading straight to the warmest months of the year, it’s an excellent time to go through your closet and clear things out to make room for some new purchases.

However, when buying new clothes and creating new outfits from what you already own, it helps to know some of the common warmer weather fashion mistakes many women make and how you can avoid them.

Showing Too Much Skin

While we all want to remain as cool as possible when the temperature is hot, this doesn’t mean you should show too much skin all spring and summer long. Don’t buy women’s shorts or skirts or dresses that are so short you can’t sit down or bend over without overexposing yourself. Plus, keep in mind that it’s generally best to show just legs or arms and shoulders or midriff rather than all of these things at once.

Wrong Materials

It’s also wise to think carefully about the materials you opt for in your warm-weather clothing. Focus on natural and breathable fabrics that flow nicely, too, such as linen and cotton. Avoid “sticky” materials like jerseys and silks that will stay too close to your skin. Steer clear of leather and velvet, too, which will make you hot and look too heavy for the hot times of year.

Incorrect Fitting Bras and Other Underwear Issues

Having the right underwear on is an essential component of styling yourself well. In summer, though, your undergarments can be even more critical than at other times of the year since you’re likely to wear more flimsy and skin-baring garments, such as tank tops, halter tops, and strappy-sleeved dresses. Boost your look by wearing a bra that’s the right size and fit for you. It shouldn’t create excess skin rolls from being too tight or make your tops seem to gape in areas due to an unflattering cut.

Similarly, you’ll probably wear form-fitting dresses and skirts and pants made out of thinner, shinier material in summer. As a result, it’s more common for visible panty lines to become an issue. Avoid this by choosing no-show underwear. Plus, be careful not to wear dark-colored panties underneath the white or other lighter fabrics used in your clothing when the weather is warm and you wear fewer darkly-colored pieces.

Too Much in the Way of Accessories

Accessories are fun and fashionable and can help tie outfits together. However, in summer, you don’t want to laden yourself down with too many things that will make you hot and sweaty and likely overwhelm the look of a simple outfit. Chunky jewelry and scarves and the like can make you break out in rashes from the heat, so keep things more pared back. Lightweight and simple accessories are the way to go during the hottest times of the year.

Too-Tight Clothing

Another fashion tip to keep in mind is that tight clothing isn’t your friend in summer. Don’t make the mistake of being so focused on body-hugging clothes that show off all your hard work at the gym that you end up making yourself comfortable. After all, tight clothes can lead you to overheat due to minimal air circulation and create sweaty patches and uncomfortable feelings.

Going Overboard with Florals

While florals are popular in spring and summer fashions, you don’t want to go overboard with many flowery prints. It’s best to stick with one large statement piece of clothing that has florals on it or no more than two small accessories with these types of patterns. For instance, you could wear an elegant floral dress and pair it with simple, single-colored shoes, jewelry, and a handbag.

Look through your wardrobe and see how much of your warmer weather clothing is patterned with florals. If it’s a significant proportion, it’s time to branch out more. You could try tropical prints, stripes, polka dots, and color-blocking outfits to mix things up.

Too Much or Too Little Color

Try to get your balance right when it comes to the use of color in your outfits when it’s warm outside. It may be bright and sunny, but that doesn’t mean you need to go crazy with a heap of bold colors every time. Ensure you include some understated and neutral items when styling looks.

On the other hand, if you love wearing a lot of black and navy, you might be tempted to keep this up no matter the time of year. However, too many saturated shades will come across as too heavy and dour in spring and summer. You can still wear touches of somber hues but be careful to break things up with pops of fun colors, too.

Following the above tips will help you showcase smart style throughout the coming months and feel confident and classy in everything you wear.

Common Warmer Weather Fashion Mistakes to Avoid - women, polka dot, floral, fashion