The perfect makeup for Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber was created by Mary Phillips. Her enigma? Supposedly reversed makeup.

According to rumors, Mary Phillips, a beauty artist who has worked with both Bieber and Kendall, applies makeup backwards to create the ideal base.

This is how you succeed with the backwards makeup


The process is explained by beauty expert Tara Sigari in a TikTok video that has gone viral.
According to Sigari, Kendall and Bieber’s sculpted, glowing appearance is the result of applying contour before the remaining base. Sigari demonstrates in the video how she begins by using a contour stick to mark the cheekbones and jawline. She uses a makeup brush to blend the substance.

Concealer is next applied, followed by blending with a makeup sponge. Finally, she uses a big, fluffy brush to apply foundation. The outcome? A perfect, light make-up that does not settle into the fine lines of the face, but instead gives a natural look with lots of glow.