Brilliant Tips to Store Clothes Properly - wardrobe, tips, Organization, home

Organising closets can be a bit of a challenge for some people. While there aren’t any hard and fast rules about where you should place your clothes, common sense dictates that you need to store them properly. In addition, you wouldn’t want your personal belongings strewn all over the house for the people to see.

There have been housekeeping experts who have suggested ways to organise your closets properly. Some of them subscribe to folding, some to rolling, and some to extreme coordinating. However, it is up to you how you would arrange your shirts, drawers, and other clothes to suit your needs. Now, here are some tips on storing your clothes properly.

Choose the right-sized wardrobe

One of the primary considerations is the size of your wardrobe. Whether you have fitted wardrobes or store-bought ones, you need to consider how big it is before storing your clothes. In addition, you need to remember that you don’t have to bunch and cram your clothes because they need some airflow, so they don’t develop a foul odour.

Also, you need to select the right wardrobe size to accommodate different styles and sizes of your clothing.

Location, location, location 

Another factor you need to look into is where you’ll place your closet. You have to place your cabinets a bit of a distance from the bathroom because of the humidity. You also need to avoid placing wardrobes in direct sunlight. The best place to put up your wardrobe is in an area that’s cool, dry and has enough air circulation.If you don’t have much space to work with, the area under the bed is a great place to store your clothes. Just remember to use suitable containers and label them appropriately.

Choose the right hangers

Have you ever wondered why some of your clothes don’t retain their shape or have their elastics stretched out? The reason is quite simple. Your choice of hangers is the culprit. If you’re using flimsy plastic or wire hangers, chances are they don’t offer much support for your clothes. They’re not sturdy enough to support the shape and weight of your clothing. Dispose of these hangers and use the wide wooden ones. They are sturdier, but the wood also releases its natural scent and absorbs humidity in the air, leading to better-smelling clothes.

Consider a hanging arrangement 

Hang clothes depending on size and frequency of use. You can also hang them based on the fabric colours. You can also place formal dresses inside hanging fabric containers to quickly identify them.

Use bins for compartmentalising

You don’t need to hang all your clothes. You can fold and roll most of them for proper storage. However, it would help if you refrain from putting them in cardboard boxes because these boxes attract pests. Instead, use plastic bins or other commercially available clothes storage containers and label them properly.


You need to store your clothes properly to avoid stains, foul odours and damage. There are several ways you can organise your wardrobes to suit your style and preference as discussed above.