Now that you’re ready to hit the beach, it’s time that you consider getting your hair out of your face and neck. But you don’t want to stick in front of the mirror all day long trying to figure out which style will hold up well when taking some dives into the water. That’s why we’ve rounded up the 10 killer beach hairstyles that won’t disappoint.

Two French Braids

10 Killer Beach Hairstyles That Never Let You Down -

This is a classic and cute hairstyle that works with most hair types and lengths. Two French braids start of with a comb part that begins from the front, center and down to the nape where the head meets the neck. Secure the hair on one side to prevent it getting in the way of the first French braid. To give it a polished look, apply some gel on the edges of the hair and brush upward away from the face prior to starting the braiding process. Part the top of the unsecured side into three sections and start braiding towards the back as you add more hair. Repeat the same on the other side and secure the end of the braids using a hair band. Smooth the flyaways and apply hairspray for that classic beach hairstyle.

Bohemian Vintage Style Bun

10 Killer Beach Hairstyles That Never Let You Down -This is a timeless style for medium to long hair lengths. Start by combing out your hair to make it tangle-free. Part your hair on one side to achieve that dramatic look. Gather you hair and position where you want to place your bun. You can place at the side, higher up the head or at the nape. Secure the hair into a ponytail to ensure it doesn’t fall out. Wrap the ponytail holder in such a way that creates a looped bun. Grab the tail and wrap around the base of the pony in one direction. Finish by securing the hair in place using bobby pins.

Twisted Side Pony

10 Killer Beach Hairstyles That Never Let You Down -

Start off this style by pinning a section of the hair to the back of your neck. Go on pulling small sections across and pin along the base of the neck. Continue till you gather the hair into a side pony, leaving out a section at the front. Secure the ponytail and wrap the remaining hair around the ponytail to cover the hairband. This style looks great for long hair that goes past the shoulder.

Messy Twisted Side Bun

10 Killer Beach Hairstyles That Never Let You Down -This is a chic style that begins with a slightly messy and deep side part. Grab the heavier side of hair front giving it a loose twist to the back. Go on to secure it with a bobby pin and separate the hair into two sections. Grab the unpinned section and twist it in one direction. Pull it back and up and pin into place ensuring that the ends point down towards the neck. Secure the ends about 1 to 2 inches up and take the other section and twist. Pin the new twisted section and wrap the ends under and around those of the first twist. Finish by pinning everything into place.

Low Braided Bun

10 Killer Beach Hairstyles That Never Let You Down -Buns provide an easy way of pulling the hair away from the face. Start by tying your hair into a ponytail. This style doesn’t require your hair to be smoothed out or brushed. Texture the ponytail to achieve more volume. Position the base of the ponytail just below the crown and style into a classic three-strand braid. Braid it down to the bottom and use your fingers to create a hole just above the ponytail holder. Fold your hair through the hole ensuring not to give it too much lift. Fold it through again and secure with a booby pin to create a sweet low braided bun.

Fishtail Side Braid

10 Killer Beach Hairstyles That Never Let You Down -This is a fun and alternative way of styling your hair into a fishtail braid. Brush the hair and make a part on one side. Comb your hair towards the opposite shoulder and gather the remaining hair to the opposite shoulder. Divide the hair into two sections and start the fishtail braid holding them on the side of your head. Take a small section on the outer edge letting it create a third strand and cross over to the inside of the other strand. Continue adding hair and give the sides of the braid a light pull to loosen them for that sexy textured look.

Top Knot Bun

10 Killer Beach Hairstyles That Never Let You Down -This style gives a versatile look that ranges from sleek, sophisticated, to messy chic. Begin by combing the hair away from the front and pull it into a high ponytail. Divide the ponytail into two sections and apply some hair cream to smooth them out. Wrap the sections around each other to create one piece. Wrap the twisted hair around the hair tie in a clockwise direction. Pin the top knot bun in place and you’ll be good to go.

Classic Chignon

10 Killer Beach Hairstyles That Never Let You Down -Chignon is a fancy take of a bun hairstyle. Start by brushing your hair towards the back to make it tangle-free. Pull the hair apart to create two proportional ponytails. Holding one ponytail in each hand, tie them together to create a loose knot. Use hair pins to secure the ends of the knot. In case your hair is too long, then choose to secure the ends underneath the knot. Keep the chignon in place by using hairspray. For those with thick or very long hair, it’s good to use extra-strength hairspray for more hold.

Classic Box Braids

10 Killer Beach Hairstyles That Never Let You Down -This hairstyle gives you a chic bohemian look. Begin by preparing your hair. Wash with shampoo and apply a detangler or conditioner. Keep the hair dry before starting the braiding process. Divide the hair into four sections that sport a box-like shape. Take a pinch of hair from first section and secure with synthetic hair. Go on to braid the first pinch and secure the end of the braid with a small hair elastic. Repeat the process for the remaining sections.

Double Bun

10 Killer Beach Hairstyles That Never Let You Down -This style combines avant-garde twist and youthful whimsy to create a hairstyle that grabs immediate attention. Start off by brushing your dry hair to keep it tangle-free. Settle for a straight center part that starts from the forehead to the nape. Hold each half into a ponytail positioned near the crown. Using a pair of thin socks cut off at the toes, grab one pony placing the donut shaped sock around it about 2 inches from the end. Wrap the tips of the pony up, out and around the top of the donut to ensure it’s covered. Keep on wrapping and start to roll down towards the base of the ponytail. continue until you reach the scalp. Repeat the process on the other ponytail. Secure the base of each bun with bobby pins and finish with a hair spray.