Home automation is quite often associated with purely simple things such as thermostats and self-closing blinds – very useful and practical things to have, in the grand scheme of things, but honestly not all that glamorous. Times are changing though – with more and more companies now focusing on gadgets and gizmos which people can use in their day to day lives over the common table lifts (see more here – https://www.actuatorzone.com/tv-lifts) of before, people can now combine automation with coolness.

Best Modern Smart Home Technologies and Gadgets - Smart Home Technologies, smart home, home gadgets, gadgets

The Internet of Things is slowly but surely becoming a reality, and that means that more and more home appliances can be automated, and spliced into your home life, making it easier and more convenient for everybody.

  • Robot vacuum cleaners – vacuuming is set to become far less of a chore with new robot vacuum cleaners coming onto the market as we speak. Zoombas are only the beginning of this amazing piece of technology – the latest models have technology which enable them to detect and avoid all types of obstacles which may be in their path in the average house. Not only that, but the newest vacuum robots are able to empty their own dust bin, so you don’t even have to care of that. The vacuum cleaners can either be set to activate at a certain time, or be controlled via your smartphone.
  • Robotic alarm – the Cheeky robotic alarm is something which is designed to eliminate the problem of oversleeping. Rather than simply switching the alarm off, or onto snooze, this alarm clock moves around, forcing you out of bed before it can be switched off.
  • Wireless LED bulbs – this is a step-up from Philips’ original Hue LED lighting system – that one required the use of the ordinary on-off switch. Wireless bulbs don’t – they can be controlled directly via the smartphone or other mobile device you commonly use. Just as with the hoover or any other automated device, you can use the mobile device to set a specific time for the lights to come on, or simply control them remotely.Best Modern Smart Home Technologies and Gadgets - Smart Home Technologies, smart home, home gadgets, gadgets
  • Heating – the Bediator is, at first glance, just another method of heating your home, but further inspection shows that it is a lot more than that. The Bediator heats a room up to the ideal temperature during a cold snap, and is very energy efficient while doing so – more than the average radiator. As well as heating rooms up to the perfect temperature, the appliance also has an LED display which shows useful information on it, such as the temperature of the room. For its final trick, the Bediator (hence the name) can also be converted into a bed by pressing the appropriate switch on its side.
  • Taps – there are now smart taps which act to conserve water and energy through their design. The tap reduces carbon footprints, and is useful for children and the elderly due to its ease of operation.
  • Speakers – there are now wireless speakers which can be placed anywhere in a home and linked to the sound system through your mobile device of choice. They can also be linked directly to your own cloud music storage such as Spotify or iTunes, and be used to play music that way. The speakers have been designed with aesthetics in mind – they are compact and smooth looking, designed to fit in anywhere.